Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Back in New Zealand

Well I have arrived in Auckland for a quick night's sleep. I have to be up for a quick 4.30am breakfast and then fly to Taupo. It is lovely to be back to spend time with our "neighbours across the ditch"! New Zealanders are very friendly and I immediately felt 'at home'. I chose to stay in a budget hotel overnight and it is sensational - where else can you get bed and breakfast for under AU$60! 

The room is very basic but is all I need -  a clean bed and hot shower.......
So after settling in I headed out to what I thought was to be McDonalds for tea(!!) but right here on the doorstep was the best surprise ever........
Szimpla is a time warp of all things 70' and 80's. Tash the Manager is just the best (and gorgeous to boot) and allowed me to take these photos......

 Love the NZ sheep head rest on the chair......great place for an after dinner coffee.........

 More sheep and teapots and tea cozies..my favourite!
 And then beside the kitchen a wall of old knitting patterns........

Takes me back to school in the 1960's with this pattern...............
The food is also sensational and I had the most amazing vegetarian calzone with not a zucchini or eggplant in sight - yeh!! (for those who know me you will know how happy I was!) And all served with salad and sour cream on the side......ate it so fast no time for a photo! While I was dining I was not alone as I  had the company of Pink Floyd, Split Enz and more music that Larry and I shared when we first met...mind you we still do! Only 2 nights ago we went to the Pink Floyd Experience...a New Zealand group touring Australia and celebrating the Dark Side of the Moon 40th Anniversary!
So if you ever have to stop over in Auckland do visit Szimpla - you will not be disappointed! Thanks Tash for your warm Kiwi welcome xx


  1. I was wondering if you had remembered to get to the airport on the right day!! Now you are there, relax and enjoy.

  2. sounds like a wonderful place to stop and eat of course I have never heard of one here in the states - guess I will have to travel more!

  3. Never hears of Szimpla, it looks such fun. I hope Taupo is not too cold thismorning, I am packed and leaving soon, a bit concerned about ice on the roads this early,so delaying my start.Thank you so much for the pattern, arrived yesterday.


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