Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Reaching winners (and show and tell)

There are several of you who have not heard from me by email to say you have won a set of the 'Adelaide Collection' pattern sets because I can't contact you! I am sorry but if you haven't heard from me and if your name came up in my last post - please email me....I really need an address to send you your prize! Thanks in advance.

Yesterday I received a lovely email from Rosemary and attached to it was the following photos. I don't think she has slept for quite some time! But then in a later email today I was saddened to hear that she lost her husband early 2009 and this is the "therapy" that has filled that dark time for her.........

And in Rosemary's words......'Kelmscott' and 'Morning Glory' adorn bedrooms in my daughters 17th
century cottage in England, and she has also asked for 'Morris Magic'. 'Friends' I have kept for myself and 'Floral Fantasy' is destined to be my winter Doona cover  - hopefully will be finished for next winter.  I have done all the quilting myself on my Janome - also a great learning process but you feel so good when you see the end result.  And not forgetting that I have also done cushion covers, the portiere, miniature sampler and also 3 Nursery friends quilts for new borns." 

I am honoured and thrilled that my designs have made a difference Rosemary....again in Rosemary's words:..... I lost my dear husband early in 2009 and the William Morris patterns was something new and gave me a reason to get on with life and achieve goals - you have no idea the therapy he created in both my mind and soul.

What a lovely email and thankyou once again Rosemary for allowing me to share your beautiful work and story....I hope this inspires all of you who have dropped by as well. Till next time take good care (and don't forget to send me your address if you were on that winning list!)


  1. Those quilts are just beautiful, what great therapy they were. Quilting is a wonderful passion to have,especially in this day of computers, it opens up a whole new world to us. Every time I see Kelmscott I am more determined to make it one day.

  2. Quilting was something I did when life gave me scraps years ago, and look where it led me!

  3. Likewise, Ann. Kelmscott is at the top of my list of quilts I want to make. Your quilts are marvelous, Rosemary. Thank you Michelle for sharing!

  4. Wow oh wow love them all.

  5. Lovely, lovely quilts. I was posted a winner and am thrilled. Thank you so much. My address
    Margaret Foster
    1148 CR 2330
    Mineola,TX 75773-3666

  6. Love that Morning Glory. I have already commented on these lovely quilts, but have to share this gem with people who will appreciate it. My Morning Glory came back from being quilted today, and my quilter[who is very talented and does a wonderful job] had left messages on my answerphone which I didn't check,saying she was sure the second block from left on the top row was upside down.Because I didn't get back to her, she unpicked that block and turned it so that it is now upside down, it actually looks quite good that way.


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