Sunday, 21 July 2013

Taupo "tremors"

A couple of hours ago I was standing in the bathroom and I felt a little giddy and the floor seemed to shake. I thought my heart was doing its silly flutter but it turns out it was a magnitude 6.5 earthquake nearby! More of that here: 'Terrifying' quake strikes central New Zealand. My hat goes off to all New Zealanders who take this in their stride. Fortunately there is not too much damage reported but with another major quake occurring only 2 days ago I would be lying if I didn't share that my tummy is a little 'fluttery'. Apparently there have been at least 30 earthquakes since this morning in the region south of us. So with that aside let's get back to the quilting! Today was a design class and 16 enthusiastic quilters did some incredible work.....

I look forward to seeing these designs turned into stunning quilts ready to be admired.
Thanks for visiting the blog and stay safe where-ever you are xx


  1. glad all is well - thought of you a couple New Zealand quilters this morning when I heard of the quakes.

  2. Hope the Earth settles down there in NZ. Those photos of the design class were so intriguing - could a How to Design be a future book?
    Angie in SoCal which is Earthquake country in the US.

  3. Love reading your blog Michele. Glad you are ok.
    When are you coming home. Faye

  4. Really enjoyed the class, thanks Michele. Anne


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