Monday, 15 July 2013

May Morris exhibition news

Just a quick post to share some photos that have been sent to me. As you know there is a wonderful exhibition on in the UK at the moment at the William Morris Gallery. It is such a great honour to be a part of it and such a thrill to know it is hanging in such a wonderful venue. Thanks Nicola for sending me the following photos. First is Nicola's exquisite art work......

 The gallery space........
and my interpretation of Nicola's design in quilt form...........
And thanks also Amanda for this one......


  1. Lovely birds. Do I see a new book in the making? Hope so. Margaret

  2. Stunningly beautiful birds, what a gorgous design and lovely fabrics.

  3. The post man brought a lovely set of patterns and I am going to start it right away. I happen to have some Wm Morris fabric. I knew I was saving it for something special. Thank you so much. You are a dear friend. Do you know when Dear William will be in the United States? I'm looking! Your grandson gets cuter and cuter every day. Treasure these days. Margaret


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