Saturday, 13 July 2013

A quilter from Cerney Wick

"Cerney Wick" you ask??.....more of that shortly! The Hill household has been as busy as always. We had dinner with some special friends one evening last week as one of them was heading overseas and this was a beautiful gift to me from her. Blue irises were my late mother's favourites and they have become mine as well........thanks Faye xx

Beau continues to delight us and more words are coming out each visit. He is exploring and discovering new things all the time and he brings us so much joy. I have also been finding time to do some stitching in front of the TV at night. I am totally addicted to the felted wool and have had such fun making these little felted wool birds........

Do visit the blog of Salley Mavor...her felted wool creations are so inspirational. I have also heard news from Nicola Jarvis to say her exhibition at the William Morris Gallery has been received very well. She has promised me some photos but those of you in the UK you must go and have a look yourself......
Now speaking of the UK.... I must go back to the "Cerney Wick" story. A few nights ago while I was stitching I was also watching one of my very favourite shows - a BBC2 show: Escape to the Country. I love this series as I adore the style of traditional UK country homes ....especially in Gloucestershire. It is wonderful seeing the interiors and every now and then I squeal with delight when some William Morris furnishings are displayed. Well the other night I not only squealed but I hyperventilated too!! Larry came rushing in thinking I was having one of my angina attacks...........but this is what I saw on the master bedroom wall........
The views below are the front and back of the house and I dare not put any more images on here for fear of doing the wrong thing (lucky there was a repeat the next day so I could get these shots!!) This delightful interpretation by this quilter is a small section of one block from my "Friends" quilt which was in my first book. It was such a surreal thing to see a very small 'part of me' on the television and at the same time so very exciting!! The interior of the house was just if you are this quilter or if someone you know sees this please let me know!!

Have a good week wherever you are xx

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  1. How exciting to see your work like that! That wasn't a coincidence - you were meant to see it. A lovely block. Those felted birds are cute!


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