Saturday, 4 May 2013

The most beautiful solid fabrics in the world!

Much excitement in the Hill household this morning!! A package arrived from Australia Post - now that is exciting in itself because it means a parcel actually got delivered to my place safely and on a Saturday morning!! And what a package! I am so, so lucky....Tim from Lloyd Curzon textiles has sent me this most delicious range of solids to play with and they are truly incredible...........

They are 100% cotton and feel like silk...the colours are too divine especially for some William Morris appliqué - what a palette! And of course who could create such an incredible range? The one and only Jason Yenter from In the Beginning Fabrics! You can read more about how he created such PERFECT solid fabric HERE where he explains the process.........

"Modern Solids are more than a solid colored fabric. Each color of fabric – 40 new colors in the collection – is created by using 2 different colors of thread; one in the warp, and another in the weft. That means the solids are created by threads that are yarn dyed (rather than simply dying a piece of fabric).  The result is a very subtle coloration which gives a glow not found in cloth-dyed solids." 
How can I pick my favourite colour? But the very, very best part of these fabrics is that the front and back of the fabric looks and feels exactly the white selvedges and no white on the back (and many of you will know from my classes that is my biggest pet hate for raw edge appliqué). Jason has weaved his magic by not just dying fabric but using dyed threads to create the fabric......
Thankyou Tim and Thankyou Jason.....I am a quilter in heaven! And I forgot to say earlier.....make sure your local quilt shop stocks it - they will not regret it and neither will you for trying it!

On a sadder note I know many of you are praying for Libby Lehman who we have come to know for her amazing thread play quilts. The world is with her in thoughts as we hope for a complete recovery. You can read more here from Ricky Tims as he updates frequently. xx


  1. Michelle you are so right they are gorgeous fabrics! I can see the silky texture and know it would be an appliquer`s dream to work with.
    thanks for introducing this new fabric.

  2. What wonderful fabrics. I always look for In the Beginning fabrics when I'm looking for something outstanding. Look forward to seeing what you do with them.


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