Saturday, 8 October 2016

Morris Tour Catch-up

It is Friday evening in London so that means we are back online! This morning we said sad farewells to all our friends in the beautiful Cotswolds as out William and May Morris journey ended. Larry and I leave early tomorrow morning for our long flights home but 24 hours later we'll be home. The blog might take me about six hours to compete as we've missed out on five days of the tour but here is a start. Also a heartfelt thank-you to all of you for your messages and emails and again I am so sorry the internet access did not allow blogging. But first…..this post is dedicated to two special friends going through difficult times at home………much love to you Raelene and Alison xx
Sunday October 2nd……….
Today we left our grand accommodation in Surrey with our next destination in  the beautiful Cotswolds. Time for a quick group photo before we left………..
Helen took us on a slight diversion close to Cambridge to visit The Manor, Hemmingford Grey……the home of the Lucy Boston quilt! A quick look at the gardens where we learnt that the house is one of the oldest continually inhabited homes dating back to the 1130's!……….

 Lucy's daughter-in-law Diana (now a widow), lives there and graciously shared her home. No photos were allowed of the quilts but there was a reproduction version folded on a chair as you will see below…...

 This was the room where I was moved to tears where I learned that Lucy had entertained WW11 airforce crew in this very room using this gramophone. Our guide was gobsmacked that I was the daughter of a Bomber Command Pathfinder who had survived 55 ops and it was truly touching to share this moment in this room. I think my late Dad may have trained too far away to be one of those troops but Lucy apparently kept records of every crew member so I will follow that up when we get home……..

 A brief walk along the river where we reached a wonderful village for lunch……..

 What a fabulous little library……..

 Helen and our driver Ben checking the map……...
 On route we visited the village of Woodstock where they were setting up a street fair……...

 And we finally reached our home for the next five nights in the beautiful village of Bibury…….

 I went for a brief stroll in the early evening to visit Arlington Row, a row of weaver's cottages built in 1380……..

 William Morris once stated that Bibury was the "most beautiful village in England"……….


  1. My grandson wants to know what kind of car that is. He's in love. Great photos.

  2. so glad you got to see Lucy's quilt!! I'm envious after making this quilt myself it would be so neat to see the original. What wonderful places and things you are seeing - what a wondrous time you must be having.

  3. I've so enjoyed your trip. I'm just completing my Lucy Boston flimsy. How I would love to see the quilt.


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