Sunday, 2 October 2016

Morris at Red House

Red House was designed by Philip Webb in collaboration with William Morris in 1859 and completed within an incredible 12 months! This was Morris's first home with his new wife Jane Burden and over the years that I have been visiting there are more and more secrets and murals being revealed. Despite the rain we still had a wonderful visit…..

 During conservation this terracotta tile revealed an M for Morris and a W for Webb on the underside……..

 The apple tree that Morris planted and still baring fruit some 150+ years later……..

 Weariness has once again prevented me from writing more but do visit the website as there is much to read. I had also promised our group a couple of links…..first some diary notes from embroiderers who worked for May Morris at Hammersmith……you can read them by clicking on this link where you will find a PDF called Dark Days in Hammersmith. The other link I promised was the William Morris song sung by the Mae Trio - three delightful girls from Castlemaine in Victoria which you can watch here………


  1. what wonderful places you continue to see - amazing! you will need a couple weeks at home to rest from your vacation when you get done!

  2. Your commitment to maintaining your blog is extraordinary. For some of us ,it is only places we can dream about.

  3. So true! Your blog is the best! I don't know how you do all you do. It is welcome in my home anytime.
    Thank you.


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