Thursday, 10 March 2016

Random acts of kindness

I am not sure if you have been the recipient of a random act of kindness but on Saturday just gone while I was attending the country gathering at Peterborough I became one. During the lunch break a young girl….well I will say "young" because she was a lot younger than me, came up to Larry with her hand clenched and passed something to him without me knowing. Her words were something like….."I know you and Michele love to share a coffee so please enjoy one on me". Well what she left in Larry's hand will pay for an awful lot of coffees and I was lost for words (which is very rare for me!!). I followed her to where she was sitting and told her she just couldn't do that and why? She wouldn't even tell me her name so if you are that person and you are reading this I want you to know how I will never forget your unbelievable "random act of kindness"………
I will make sure I pass the kindness on and I will also record our special coffees for you in the coming months - thank you from the bottom of my heart but I so wish I knew who you are!! xxx So for now a small piece of kindness from me via the blog with another William Morris quilt pattern giveaway -  this time quilt number eight which is not really a Morris design but I think looks very "Morris like"……
This quilt came about when Larry and I travelled to Melbourne for his 50th birthday 12 years ago. We had made the trip so he could watch his beloved football team play and as I am not really a football fan I decided to have an afternoon wandering the city streets. It was on this walk that I came across the historic Block Arcade. If you click on the link you can watch a video and there are also many beautiful photos including several of the gorgeous mosaic floor that inspired this quilt. On this occasion I didn't even have a camera so I found a chemist where I could purchase a disposable camera and set to work capturing images of the magnificent floor. So if you would like to make your own version do let me know and I will send you the pattern. You could even just appliqué the centre to make a sumptuous cushion! 
Today I handed over the book text for the Beatrix Potter book to my layout professional so I will wait in anticipation for the first lot of questions and proofing in the coming weeks. He is an extra special guy who was so helpful with the May Morris book. When I arrived today he had already started researching the life of Beatrix and was full of so many ideas and he is really just the person who does the layout, so I am indeed lucky! 
We have a celebration on the weekend for Sophie and Tim's engagement so I've been stitching lengths of bunting to hang in the trees in the park where the celebration will be held. I stitched away for about 5 hours and discovered we now have 117 metres!! (127 yards!). They are all bagged up in lengths and it will be wonderful to see them swaying in the breeze on Sunday…….
As I was sorting through some images on the computer I came across the little celebration we had at home some weeks back for Beau's 4th birthday so thought I had better include them! I made some chocolate crackles and adorned them with little trains which he seemed to love…….

A little party just for a little person……….

 I am not sure where these last four years have gone and to think Miss Maisie will be two in just 4 months! Tonight while watching the Great British Bake off Larry expressed the inevitable desire for a cake so like a good wife I obliged! The view at the kitchen sink isn't too bad either with the roses still blooming from the garden……...

 So till next time take care wherever you are and enjoy a piece of cake! x And oops…….I did mean to include this photo that I pinched from Bretts' Facebook page…we'd met for a quick coffee and it such a delightful image………


  1. Beau's party looks like it was a lot of fun, a celebration in the park for the engagement sounds like a wonderful time also. Have never had someone come up to me with money for coffee before but i have received wonderful bundles in the mail for quilting like the one you sent me a month or so ago and I just loved it. Now I am just waiting for my eye to heal up so I can get back to quilting once again - maybe in another week I will be able to really get back to it? Hope so. Good Luck on the book

  2. Larry looks pretty happy with his cake. What a great team you are....isn't life great!

  3. Can't wait for the book, Beaus chocolate crackles look fantastic, and Larry's cake looks good. Been awhile since I baked a cake, but won't be long now. Hope you have kept cool this week, although have woken up this morning to lots of rain.

  4. A lovely quilt, but don't include me in the giveaway as I already have a copy - grin!
    Beau looked so serious opening his present and Larry looked so happy with his cake. That's an adorable picture of the two DGKs. Where does the time go?

  5. All the best for the engagement do. The bunting will look fantastic. Love the picture s of your grandies. The cake looks very yummy.

  6. You are the best Grandmother ever with how you love and treat your darling grandchildren. And for the newly engaged couple, I wish every happiness. I bet you are making them a lovely quilt right now.

  7. You have been as busy as ever, with that lovely baking for the family, the bunting and everything else you do. The first, and every time I visit Melbourne I photograph the details of the Block Arcade, and the Royal, and had always wanted to make your My Walk in Melbourne quilt. Imagine my joy at finding a finished one on Trade Me (equivalent of E Bay) for $110.00, it is beautiful and graces the bed in my guestroom, where the computer lives, so I get to admire it every day.

  8. Wow I just love your work. I meet you when you were here 4 years ago.


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