Friday, 18 March 2016

On the road again

Yesterday morning found us on the road again this time heading about 750 kms south-east of home to the Victorian town of Bacchus Marsh. The journey (with stops), takes about 9 hours so we travelled about 550kms stopping for an overnight break. It was hot all day but a cool change came in overnight where the temperatures plummeted from 37C to just 13C this morning! It only reached 15C all day so quite bizarre to experience the drastic 24C drop! We've had a very long summer and the other night as I walked up the passage I saw a glow through the front door…………
Outside revealed this spectacular sunset………….
 The skies over the past week have also been filled with some amazing cloud formations that I photographed from my phone camera while travelling in the car (and all just 10 minutes from home - and yes Larry was driving!)

 During the last week we also started the coffee consumption records for our anonymous giver of that generous gift (you can read about that here in my Random act of kindness post). One of our local cafes Salty Lime always hits the spot and did twice this past week….so thankyou kind friend…our second visit included sharing a sumptuous slice of chocolate, date and almond torte!……...

So yesterday as we hit the road it was farewell from the Adelaide Hills……..

 By 10.30am it was already 33C……..

Farewell Jude and see you Sunday!…...
Larry commented that Barnaby was a long way from home!……..
Back to the senseless speeding of those road trains that overtake us……..
In the distance the beautiful Grampians seem to beckon……..

 The shop windows in Ararat reminded us that Easter is only one weekend away…….

 It was incredibly strange to have the heater on today after the air-conditioning yesterday! It rained for most of the day with gale force winds……..

 And to our anonymous giver of coffee kindness this was also enjoyed this morning in the town of Beaufort…...

Tomorrow we will be in the company of the Bacchus Marsh Quilters as they host the Victorian Quilters Summer gathering. I will report on that after the event. x


  1. Enjoy your travels, and looking forward to Sunday. I am moving in, done the clean, now to clean the next room, the dust and grime has spread all over. xx

  2. happy travels - it is so good to just get in the car and start to drive to see something new - or old - but just plain different than at home. Your country is just as large as ours is and always fun to see something different or return to a place found that we like.

  3. Lovely to share your travels.. I love the drive to Melbourne but dot remember ever going to Bacchus Marsh. It features in a book I am reading at the moment. Have fun, look forward to the next post


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