Saturday, 12 March 2016

Exciting email!

I am a very spontaneous person and tend to get very excited very easily…I must wear Larry out at times! So this morning was one of those moments when I received an email from Yvette in the US! She was the kind person who purchased my Wiliam Morris quilt "Friends" via an auction some time back. The auction was set up by the Society of Antiquaries who manage Kelmscott Manor and the resulting sales of donated items are to assist with the restoration fund. Well Yvette's beautiful William Morris room has been featured in a glossy home magazine Kansas City Style and Home March 2016 issue…………

 The photos are truly spectacular and I am so thrilled for Yvette. For me it is so special to have one of my quilts hanging in such a grand space and to know it is being so well loved and cared for too. It is a little better than the majority of my quilts that are stored on the top shelf of the walk in wardrobe!!……
I do have a few quilts on walls but in a small suburban home there is not much space for many more…….

 So thankyou Yvette………it is all so very special. Of course another of my quilts lives in the spectacular Thorngrove Manor where I know it is also truly loved and treasured too…….

Must get myself going and start baking for tomorrow's engagement!


  1. Well done Michele, exciting news. William Morris would be so pleased with your work in his name. xx

  2. I second that - well done Michele, how exciting to see your work in a magazine spread featuring someones home. The quilt on the wall is spectacular! you should be proud

  3. So pleased for you and Yvette to have those quilts showcased so beautifully. You've become part of history, Michelle.

  4. It looks fabulous in that setting so perfect. I think you thoroughly deserve the squealy moment.


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