Sunday, 6 March 2016

Quilters Wilting!

We must be a tough lot because today was hot, hot, hot and we were all still smiling! Rural Round-up was a huge success despite being in a town hall with no air-conditioning and an outside temperature of 37C….but that didn't stop the enthusiasm of over 330 quilters! The Peterborough Patchworkers did an incredible job hosting the event and that was a grand total of just six girls doing all the organising! Quilters came from far and wide with some travelling over 6 hours to get there. The charming town hall was built in 1884 and I bet the walls could tell a story or two but maybe never one like we saw today………

 The lunch was roast lamb and of course locally grown lamb and boy did it melt in the mouth. I think the amazing ladies from the Peterborough Lions Club who helped with catering may have melted in the conditions outside too! It was all cooked by Leo on the back of his very long trailer……such a sight to behold seeing how the meat and veggies were prepared……..

 Of course the day was full of stories and sharing of quilts which leaves one inspired and and enthused for the wonderful passion we all share. Peterborough was once a busy bustling centre where 100 steam trains would pass through its centre each day. We left late afternoon as we had a 4-5 hour drive home which meant we sadly missed the light and sound show some of the others were going to see. But I did find the promotion of that here………
What fun and I look forward to hearing about it all. I adore steam trains and if ever I get the chance I will be on one like a shot! So I captured a little of that history around town as we were leaving …...

 So with the day passing quickly we hit the road for the long drive home. We are always anxious in the country as dusk brings out the kangaroos and it is not something you and the car really want to meet. We did see a couple grazing on  the side of the road but fortunately they just stood up and watched us pass by. But we did see a number of emus thankfully behind a fence………...
Most of these images were captured through the car window so you can see the vastness of our great state……….
 The old cottages crumble with time and remind us of how harsh it must have been for our pioneers sometimes living in just two rooms……….

 I enjoyed watching the changing skies with clouds teasing for long needed rain…….. 

 we passed through historic Burra……...

By 7.30pm we stopped for a bite to eat in Riverton where I had not been for many years. We shared a great little pizza which we could not get through………….
 It was lovely to see the main street looking much prettier than I recall…...

 Crepe myrtles and roses were blooming on the footpaths in the evening light……..

 As the evening sun disappeared to shades of night we were soon home again……..

 I will resume the Morris quilt countdown again soon but for now I will leave you with one of the many images you can see on the net to show those of you overseas how vast our country really is………
Take care till next time x


  1. such a vast country for sure. I love the photos that you shared. How hot the town hall must have been with so many quilters there for the event - good thing cooking was done outside. A long drive for sure for a lot of you. thanks for sharing

  2. It's interesting that the landscape pics look like most of the Western US, except that our mountains that would be in the background are bigger. And we have to watch out for antelope on the plains.

  3. Glad your day went well, our gathering in the SE is the Green Triangle day which is in Naracoorte this year, end of May.

  4. 98 degrees F is pretty warm, but with that many bodies it must have been way over 100. Wow. Yes, quilters are dedicated enough to stay around. Loved the travelogue. Was much like driving between through Colorado thru New Mexico. Rest now - you've earned it.


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