Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Beatrix Potter book progress

The days are still cold and wet so being inside stitching one does not feel too guilty….after-all I have projects for the Beatrix Potter book to complete! But there has been other things happening of course.  I had a few photos on my phone from my recent Art Gallery and Museum visit with the little ones……..

We caught up with a friend at a local cafe I knew nothing about. Cantina 61 is well worth a visit and we are so lucky it is so close to home……..

It seemed like a good idea to sample some of this on a cold winter's morning…………

 even a place for little ones to draw………..
Every Thursday we have a coffee in Gelnelg at Pera Khave, an authentic Turkish coffee house and the coffee is always amazing. I love the eclectic style of colour so one day I left one of my cushions for them as it seemed like just the right colours……….

 So back to Beatrix Potter. I was thrilled to finally hear from both the National Trust and Penguin (who now own the Beatrix Potter book rights), so I can get permissions etc sorted. I thought I was going to reproduce this quilt that I saw on the National Trust website on a bed at Hilltop (William Morris wallpaper on the wall too!)………
It is a very simple quilt of pieced patches but when I received the email and quilt photos it wasn't anything like it! Instead it is so much better but I can't show you it all, so for now a little snippet……..
With the book schedule I will not have time to stitch it by hand so I will machine it as best I can. But I have been doing some handwork and I am pleased to say that the other two quilts for the book are complete - one entirely made by hand and the other machine appliquéd apart from a few embroidered whiskers that still need to be done…….

As well as tackling that intricate large antique quilt I have six more smaller projects to complete and it all needs to be done by the end of the year! Unfortunately next week I am going under the surgeon's knife to remove a very pesky ganglion. I have had two others removed from the top of the same wrist and because one had wrapped itself around the radial nerve the top of my hand has been permanently numb for many years . This time a third has appeared beneath my wrist and when I saw the surgeon 12 months ago I decided to wait. Well looks like the waiting has meant it has tracked further below rather than bulging above…….. so I was shown the scalpel route yesterday………
In the scheme of things it is only a minor detail in life but I do know this recent manic stitching has made it hurt constantly these past few weeks. But just a tiny hiccough so I would like to say that I hope wherever you are that life's hiccoughs are not too large and go away soon too x


  1. Do be a good patient and let the wrist heal and perhaps learn to sew with your toes. Our hands are far too precious to abuse.

  2. Ouch. Be kind to yourself and get an extension on that deadline, if it hurts now, stitching afterwards might be tricky. Good luck, hope it all goes well.

  3. First things first and you need to get your wrist fixed. We can wait for that darling book that is coming. Hope all goes well.

  4. Your hands are just so important in all you do. It is so important to allow time to heal. It is probably best to achieve as much as you can before the operation. It will be just so frustrating for you.xx

  5. Good luck with the surgery, and hopefuly you will soon sll be feeling well and enjoying a lovely spring. Looking forward to Beatrix Potter, such a shame my grandchildren are too old for her now.


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