Thursday, 20 August 2015

Stitching Generosity

All is well in the Hill household apart from the occasional persistent cough from Larry. We have the little ones tomorrow so we hope they are free of the never ending germs that have been about as well. Surgery went well for me just 4 days ago. I am intrigued by the mammoth bandaging and wonder what lurks beneath….but all will be revealed in 2 weeks! It was lovely to come home to some sunny sunflowers specially chosen by Beau (thanks Em x) and then yesterday some gorgeous lilies from Pam (thanks Pam)………

 The other excitement we came home to was the arrival of a large box from country Victoria from my very special 'pinwheel friend' Dot! Those of you who have the May Morris book can read about Dot on page 9…she has a huge heart and this is a shining example of her stitching generosity. The box revealed a collection of handmade, tissue wrapped treasures stitched especially for our friend Kay who is having a fund-raising table (at our Guild's Market Day), for the Oncology Unit that her son Adam has been attending……..

 Hand painted and embroidered pinwheels………..

 The most delightful Matryoshka dolls ever and the orange and aqua one has my name on it!……..
 Some needle-cases……….

 and this large felted wool needle-case opens to reveal every needle one could ever need and even bandaids!……(I know you will like these Penny!)

 Dot had even lovingly included bags for each item……….
I know you do not want the accolades Dot but please know how much you are appreciated…….you will hear from Kay soon - she was speechless like me! And I will take lots of photos of the table just for you on the day. Those of you living in Adelaide can come and buy some of those treasures and more. You will be supporting many other worthy causes as well at the Quilters' Guild of SA's Market Day - September 19th at Adelaide West Uniting Church, 312 Sir Donald Bradman Drive, Brooklyn Park. I've been stitching items too including some 2016 quilted diary covers and some of these sewing pods……..
I also received another parcel in the post this morning with some beautifully made cotton shirts I'd ordered from the UK. I was thrilled beyond belief and have to thank Nydia of Thorngrove Manor for 'liking' them on Facebook! They come from Charles Tyrwhitt of London and I have to add that their service is exemplary. The shirts were only ordered 10 days ago but sadly the size is a little small. But it is all sorted with an exchange and all on the phone to a lovely girl in London! I did not expect a UK answer being a 1800 number but they work 24/7 and she was on the night shift to answer enquiries. We spoke for 14 minutes and I think 12 of them were about William Morris! Being an ex arts student she was very chatty about the man! (so of course Helen - she just had to hear about one of the biggest collections in the world!!). So do visit their website if you love tailored shirts like me……..

There is no sewing for me while I am recovering and I hope that I cope with not being able to pick up Beau and Maisie tomorrow! Till next time do take care x


  1. somewhere along the way I missed that your hand needed surgery! so sorry to see that and hope you will be in tip top shape before you know it. Love the items that you show in your post today and if I was there to shop your fund raiser I would want several pieces. The quilt top that I made from your pattern Floral Fantasy will be going on my hand quilting frame next week I am working on the final border of the quilt that is currently on the frame and will be taking it off in a couple days. Hope you heal quickly!

  2. Gorgeous shirts! Hope the hand is feeling better soon. Such lovely treasures for sale, I am sure they are going to sell like hot cakes. Hope the fund raising is a huge success.


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