Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The Chill continues

Adelaide is still in the middle of cold, cold, cold and I suppose before long we will be lamenting about the awful heat! Today was car service day so Larry and I caught the bus to town for an Art Gallery visit. We shivered at the bus stop for 30 minutes and then heard it was still only 9 degrees at 10am! 

Our main reason was to revisit the Treasure Ships: Art in the Age of Spices exhibition at the Art Gallery of South Australia. I took Beau and Maisie last week but there were not enough pirates to keep Beau entertained!  It was difficult to capture good photos because of the light and several textiles were not able to be photographed. The display was full of ancient treasures from times long before Australia was even discovered and included 16th - 19th century art treasures traded between Europe and Asia.  Old maps are always intriguing with this one from the Netherlands dated 1617………..
 There were many beautiful 'pirate' ship paintings with this one from Cornelis Pietersz De Moody of the Netherlands, 1689…………..
 Of course the textiles were one of the reasons for my return visit and I was disappointed that I was unable to photograph one in particular - a stunning 17th century Indian Palampore Tree of Life design. Instead I captured a little of this……...

 A 17th century Indian cabinet of wood, ivory and bronze……...
 This 17th century silver cross was reputed to contain a thorn from Christ's crown……...

 The silver filagree on this jewellery box was incredible and belonged to Queen Adelaide (1792-1849) after whom my home town is named……..
 Many items belong to our gallery's wonderful collection but some were on loan from countries as far as the US, Portugal, India and Singapore. This wonderful 18th century textile is in fact a tea ceremony mat on loan from the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra……..

 A  Japanese coffer made of mother of pearl, bronze and black and gold lacquer and dated 1590……..
 I was able to photograph this 18th century Palampore……..

I had to be so careful not to photograph two very large and spectacular Tree of Life designs on the right of this shot!……
  This Japanese silk dressing gown was a part of King George IV's wardrobe (1762-1830)……...
 Another map with some intricate Mariner's compass designs for those of you who make these intricately pieced quilts……….

These 18th century bureaus were amazing and I can see a quilt in the making!………...

A map from 1658 long before Australia appeared………..

 An Indian cotton wall hanging embroidered in silk from 1750……...
Emily brought the little ones into the city to meet us for lunch and kindly delivered us to our serviced car afterwards. They are growing up so fast and it is always so nice to share their company (and Beau loves a trip to the city - full of natter and so observant!)……

I'm usually on the other side of the camera so it was lovely to get Emily's daily journal image of the day…….
Hope all is well in your part of the world x


  1. Love all that you saw - many pieces could inspire a quilt for sure! the baby is so cute in her pink hat - you have a lovely family - wish you a fun retirement (well Larry that is - you are still designing - but is that work(?) or fun (?)

  2. The friese in the black and white bureau is so like the Deere tapestry!

    I love Palampores and Indian chintzes and considering a quilt series using the flower designs.

    Keep warm Michele and keep blogging - I love your blog

  3. Another great arm-chair travel. Beau and Maisie are growing so fast. She's such a sweetie in her pink hat. Hope you are feeling well. Is that all embroidery or embroidery/applique on that chasuble? Gorgeous whichever it is.


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