Monday, 24 August 2015

History in the Hills

Today is usually spent with my Monday morning sewing girls but I still don't have full use of my wrist, so instead I decided I really needed to do final preparations for the four days of teaching I have later this week in New South Wales at Berrima Patchwork. So with kits all done Larry decided it would be nice to head to the Adelaide Hills and historic Hahndorf. It was a pleasant drive in the warm car as we passed the acres of pruned vines of McLaren Vale, Kangarilla and then Meadows. Hahndorf is on our state heritage list and is the oldest surviving German settlement in Australia. It dates back to 1838 and is often a spot for tourists to visit. Larry has not visited for several years but last time I came was with Alison and Mal from New Zealand….hi guys! I didn't have my camera with me today but the mobile phone managed to capture some of our walk……...

 The cold spell has returned and it was only 10C in the hills today but the camellias didn't seem to mind….

 So lovely when cafes provide blankets……...

 Fabulous to see 'new builds' looking like the old………..

 Wow……..what a wonderful gesture from a small business…...

 Time for lunch and the open fire was very welcome…..not sure what the 'don't use wood' signs means??……..
 Larry's ears were a tad cold……….
 Larry decided on a  chicken foccacia and I went for the german hotdog!
 I was here 3 years ago when Beau was just a baby and this was the hotdog on that day!!…….
And below was what I left today!…….

 Hahndorf wouldn't be quite right without a genuine German shop full of amazing cuckoo clocks and more……….

 Can't wait to revisit a very different Ambleside next year!…...
 Bit chilly for this today………...
 But there was one special shop that I have to share. Artorium Collective concepts is full of treasures specialising in orthodox art pieces from the Byzantine era.What caught my eye was the medieval style and of course a couple of William Morris tapestries! Luis who owns the business was charming and so nice to chat to….his art work behind him reminded me of our visit to Russia some years ago……..
I'm sorry the image below right is blurred but hanging at the back of the store in the centre is a Burne- Jones tapestry of angels…….not on the budget at the moment but I know where to go when it is!…..

It is always so refreshing to walk into a store and be greeted with such warmth and genuineness………I call that 'goodwill' and it is these sort of shops where I simply cannot walk out empty handed! So this was my special purchase -  a new leather shoulder bag for travel……..I just love the colours…….
 Thankyou Luis…your art work is amazing and we will be back. And for those of you in love with Klimt….Luis has some beautiful pieces for the home from china to tapestries. And also some stunning hand crafted jewellery too. So with this week's class notes all posted last week and final kits all prepared today, it was time for a cuppa back home with an indulgent piece of German Bee-sting….well Beinenstich to be correct! I think a boiled egg is in order for tea tonight! Next post will be from the beautiful Southern Highlands in New South Wales where this photo was taken by staff today…..this is where I will be teaching and looks like Jemima is waiting for me for a photo for the new book!


  1. love that shoulder bag, sometimes such great finds are at these kind of shops. Love the photos and thanks for sharing this historic town. I love touring through small historic areas.
    Floral Fantasy is now on the hand quilting frame and started! wonderful pattern and book!

  2. Does the Australian Tourist Bureau know what a great job you do for them. Love the armchair travel this post. You got a neat bag and is that white tapestry based on your pattern or WIlliam's? Glad your hand is getting better, but please don't overdo it on those four days coming up. BTW - looks like very interesting workshops.

  3. Lovely bag Michele, I must make a note of that shop for our next Hahndorf trip, mmmm I love beesting especially when it is freshly made.

  4. Bringing back lovely memories Michele. This year's anniversary trip is to Norfolk Island, leaving this Sunday. Love to you both. Alison and Mal

  5. Me and Tim went to that same cafe the other day, sat next to the fire and thought exactly the same thing about the wood! We even ordered the same hotdog!! Miss you xox (Soph)


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