Saturday, 22 August 2015

Cuddles cure

It was a tricky day yesterday trying to cuddle two little ones with one hand but Larry stepped in and managed well. Beau spent many moments just stroking my bandaged wrist telling me his 'magic' would make it better. We had such a joyful time outside that we ran out of time to watch a promised movie… instead we watched it late and Beau stayed overnight. This morning he brought out his favourite 'taggy blanket' and wrapped my wrist for some more magic. Just love these little guys and can't wait for Auntie Sophie and Uncle Tim to have little ones as well to join them. Miss Maisie is such a character and makes us all laugh…...

 It was just so nice to finally be outside in the fresh air and sunshine…..

Oops…those trackie dacks ("sacks"!) with socks and thongs are not a good look but apparently 'oh so comfortable'…..

 And this morning at breakfast with play dough - only poor Poppa looks a little under the weather…….
I am very frustrated being one handed and not a good patient at all…….Larry says I am stubborn but I say it is just being independent! I am missing my stitching so should really read (and share), some more of those William Morris diaries! But instead I will share this amazing story that made headlines in the news…even in the Australian! This is actually my wrist surgeon and what a hero…….
Darren stopped to attend a medical emergency and was fined for his efforts by the local council…a whopping AUD$89 for just 40 minutes while he was giving CPR. I am just so glad that the fine was overturned but only after it had made the headlines.  You can read all about it HERE!


  1. What?! I missed two posts and just found out about your ganglion surgery. So sorry you've had to have this done, but glad they were able to correct it. Prayers being said for a complete recovery, but it will take time, Michele. Are you left handed? I just read the Potter post and see you've been up to wonderful things again. But take it slow, please. I remember the days when my grand kiddies were small - oh so many germs came our way. Glad that fine was overturned!

  2. Hope your recovery is going well, and if Larry can't be oh so comfortable in his own home, then when??

  3. Hope all goes well with your hand. It must be so frustrating not to be able to stitch. Lovely pictures of the little people.

  4. Hope all goes well with your hand. It must be so frustrating not to be able to stitch. Lovely pictures of the little people.

  5. How gorgeous is Beau? That is the sweetest thing I have read, what a dear heart. Hope you are better soon xxx


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