Sunday, 28 June 2015

A brief reprieve

Sadly I am still coughing and I now have muscles I didn't know existed! The nights are the worst with spasms that last for what seems like hours, so I've started a second course of antibiotics. But the show must go on………so yesterday I ventured outside for the first time in a week (apart from visiting the doctor and finally having the hair done!). Our reason was to meet Emily and Brett to take charge of the little ones so that Em and Brett could have a night off for a special wedding. Kimberly has been a special friend of Emily's for almost 30 years and it was lovely to see some of it from the sidelines……..

 Emily looked gorgeous in this colour…….
 But Miss Maisie was more interested in a cuddle from Poppa……...

And as for Beau…….well he just decided he wasn't really into the wedding crowd despite thinking he was pretty cool in his tie like Daddy's………..

Miss Maisie quite bemused by it all and beneath all this she was cutting some more teeth……we found out about that later that night while on childcare duties!

 But sadly I captured no photos of Sophie and Tim…… next time for that! The wedding would have been touched by a little sadness as Kim's Mum passed away from breast cancer way before her time. But Kim was blooming and we wish her and Ben all the very best for a long and happy life together.


  1. Lovely photos. Congrats to the couple. Take care!

  2. I am sorry you are still sick. Your family is beautiful as was the bride.


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