Thursday, 4 June 2015

The batting saves the butterfly!

We have had a flurry of munching caterpillars and a frenzy of cocoon making in our garden recently. But we can't help thinking it is the wrong time of year as it is so cold, windy and wet which has resulted in a recent forced rescue. Emily recorded some of the marvel last weekend……..
This little fellow arrived on Sunday afternoon and didn't move for two days. I took him around the back for closer monitoring (as nurses do!), and placed him on the lavender…. but he didn't move for another two days……

So I went online (as you do thankyou Mr Google!), and discovered that he/she did indeed need some first-aid. So inside he/she came and the rescue sugar mixture was prepared. But alas I had no cotton wool to place it on. So next best thing……quilt batting of course! So I coaxed him/her onto it and within seconds his/her long tongue lurched forth and he/she began frantically drinking. This lasted about an hour and there was a little more positive fluttering. So for now he/she will remain inside just hanging about till we think it is safe outside……...
 There is another about to hatch outside and I fear the cold will be too much for him or her as well…..time will tell……..
 The days have been very cold and in fact we had the coldest morning in 30 years a few days ago…a mere 2.9C! But the clear cold nights bring sunny days and the river beckons as it continues to share its beauty……

 We've also ventured down to the beach nearby and admired this brave chap windsurfing………

 Of course the biggest excitement this week was posting the new book to all parts of the globe….so of course the obligatory post office event was recorded (and these bags are just right thank you Helen! xx) Thankyou so much to all of you for your wonderful support.
For those living locally do come and visit me me here in a few weeks - the Adelaide Stitching and Handcraft Show. My dear friend Anna Scott came up with the idea less than two weeks ago and we know we must be nuts with so little time……it will be a frenzy in the Hill household for the next few weeks! But you will be able to get your own signed copy of my new book and maybe some William and May Morris gifts as well! And of course Anna will have her exquisite embroidery kits and patterns too (and my eldest daughter Emily might have some of her baby items too). Finally the latest pictures of Miss Maisie who cut five teeth in less than a week……….
 And the two of them having a chuckle in the bath together…..(thanks Em and Brett for the pics!)

So till next time I hope that life is treating you well x (And sorry the Morris letters have been put on hold as they have been replaced with a riveting Icelandic novel!!)


  1. Good on you rescuing the Monarchs, we have some very unseasonal ones here in NZ also, I will try the sugar/water idea with them. Great seeing the books on their way, I will be rushing to collect the mail each day next week, not that I need any new projects right now!

  2. another skill to add to your resume' Michele! Have had a great weekend, and some lovely visitors who stayed for lunch today.

  3. another skill to add to your resume' Michele! Have had a great weekend, and some lovely visitors who stayed for lunch today.


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