Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Winter Wallowing

Yes I am currently 'wallowing' in self pity despite the gorgeous winter blooms in our garden……

 I've been coughing for two weeks now and I fear the quick trip to Melbourne only exacerbated it. I finally went to to the doctor yesterday to be told my lungs were pretty revolting so hopefully a 'once a day super antibiotic' will scare it away otherwise it is testing for whooping cough in five days! But to 'wallow'? Not sure that was the right word so a quick check and Mr Google tells me to wallow is:

Indulge in an unrestrained way in (something that one finds pleasurable). Synonyms: luxuriate, bask, take pleasure, take satisfaction, indulge (oneself), delight revel etc, etc!! 

"Something pleasurable"?? I don't think so but it does lead me to a comment I received from a friend on the phone the other night - "You are always sick Michele"??! I have to say it is not something that one chooses - in 35 years of nursing I never met anyone that enjoys being sick! I only visit the doctor twice a year so maybe my pathetic immune system needs a boost from some yet to be found scientific miracle! But for now I blame Mr Hashimoto for most of it - weight gain, hair thinning and a crap immune system! But honestly one would think we enjoy being sick -  I'm lucky to have avoided much worse scenarios. So what to do when you don't even feel like stitching……share more of those Melbourne exhibitions of course - as promised!

The embroidery exhibition was small but the Pre-Raphaelite one was huge! A little more of those embroideries first……

 There were many samplers on display as well often executed by very young girls……...

I had no idea that the National Gallery of Victoria had such a large Pre-Raphaelite collection - nearly every member represented. Arthur Hughes 1863 'La Belle Dames sans merci'…….
 Edward Hughes 1901 'The Princess out of School'…….
G.F.Watts 1858 'Alfred Tennyson'…….
 Edward Burne-Jones 1895 'Baronne Madeleine Deslandes'…….
 John Everett Millais 1887 'Cecil Webb'. This was a poignant posthumous portrait of the son of Thomas Prout Webb - a distinguished Australian lawyer and King's counsel. It is presumed that Millais used a photo to complete the portrait a year after Cecil died at the tender age of nine……….
 Dante Gabriel Rossetti 1869 'La Mandolinata'…….
 Dante Gabriel Rossetti 1877 'Christina Rossetti' - a portrait of his sister…...
 William Holman Hunt 1895 'The Importunate Neighbour'…….
 Edward Burne Jones 1886 'The Garden of Pan'…….

  Edward Burne Jones 1860 'Ladies and Death'…….
  Edward Burne Jones 1871-85 'The Wheel of Fortune'…….
  Edward Burne Jones 1874 'The Ascension' design for stained glass window for St Peter's Church, Woolton, Lancashire…….
 Ford Madox Brown 1870-78 'The Entombment'…….
 Ford Madox Brown 1862 'Sheepshearing' - a tile design for Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co…...
 Dante Gabriel Rossetti 1867 'Alexa Wilding'……..
 William Holman Hunt 1857 'Emily Hunt' - his sister…….
 The highlight for Larry was seeing one of the original editions of Morris's Chaucer and in the cabinet a collection of every single Kelscott Press work……..it was very hard to drag him away from that corner!

 So with that I will hope that you are safe and well in your part of the world x
(And yes Suzie - RipponLea is where Aunt Prudence lived!)


  1. sorry your feeling sick again Michelle hope you will be better soon. I was surprised that you have daffodils in winter - here in the states they bloom in early spring.

  2. I think wallow has the right sound Michele :) - to indulge oneself in emotion is one meaning, or to indulge oneself to a great degree in something (self pity), I think Winter is the worst season for being sick, sometimes the weather makes you want to stay in bed. You are so lucky to have those lovely flowers out already, I haven't seen any buds on mine yet.

  3. I think the word you want is mired, Michele - and Hashimoto's disease is not out of the question if you have the symptoms. I hope the antibiotic works. Saying prayers for your return to health. Those slippers were so beautiful! Lots of goodies in this batch of photos just as before.

  4. Maybe you need more rest, you are such a busy lady but your fans want more and more don't we? Loved the art pictures. Feel better soon.

  5. Wallow all you like Michele, I think we are all entitled to our own "pity party" sometimes! But hope you are feeling on top of the world soon. xx


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