Monday, 15 June 2015

Winter coughs

The little people in our lives seem to have been sick for the last couple of weeks….snotty noses and lots of coughing and today Emily was told that Beau may in fact have underlying asthma. Unfortunately it comes with the family genes but it is tough seeing him not his usual self. But despite that we headed out yesterday for some special time together and all to do with trains of course……I think he is a little used to these 'selfies' but I didn't realise he was eating at the time!…...

We have been meaning to take Beau to this miniature train course for some time as it is only 10 minutes from home. MV Railway is so well set up with volunteer ambulance officers on stand by, the ladies with hot coffee and the local Lions club with an all day sausage sizzle. For just $6 each we could have endless rides with each ride going for 4 kms……just sensational and all run by a team of dedicated volunteers. There were about 4 different trains running - both diesel and steam and we managed to go on three rides. As we made the final line-up Beau was a tad weary and he just looked lovingly up at me and I said "Do you want to be picked up?" As he put his arms around my neck he lovingly murmured in my ear "I love you Nanna but I am sorry I gave you my cough"…..gotta love that little man. And sadly I do have a rather annoying cough and have had for several days. On the way home we dropped by the football ground where Larry was watching his beloved South Adelaide Football club. Beau was able to watch the final quarter and he was overwhelmingly excited shouting and cheering at sometimes inappropriate times - he didn't care which side kicked a goal! And out on the field you can see a Poppa and his grandson relishing the moment especially as South won!………
So with feeling a little under the weather nothing much else gets done. Larry decided a bit of winter sun might do me good so last Friday we travelled just 30 minutes south to enjoy some of what our beautiful coast has to offer……

 As we headed back home we thought we would drop by and visit a site that has been causing a little controversy……the construction of a new Buddhist Temple. It is in a beautiful spot looking out over the sea and Larry and I both felt in awe of it all……….

Larry and I are all for this wonderful icon coming to our area and we wish them well - maybe one day I might find myself participating in meditation workshops when it is all completed - something I have promised myself for many years. We are flying to the vibrant city of Melbourne in the morning so hope I am feeling a little more 'chipper' as it is a little three night treat for Larry's birthday….today being his birthday means poor chap is home listening to my incessant cough! I hope life is peaceful in your part of the world x.

Late entry for today……..While I was typing this post an email came in from Jenny in Queensland and I just had to share it: This is in her words (and a huge congratulations and thanks Jenny for allowing me to share in your excitement - your work is beautiful and well done on your Best of Show award too!)…..
Hi Michele,
Thought I'd let you know that both of my William Morris quilts received awards at The Redlands Quilt Extravaganza, Brisbane, over this past weekend!!!!! Not only did
Morris Magic receive a first, it was also awarded Best of Show ;-)
thank you so much for you're inspiration.
A William Morris Garden also received highly commended in the professional category.
Can't wait to start my next quilt xox
Warm Regards


  1. Happy Birthday to Larry, and hope your cough clears up soon. xxx

  2. love your ocean shots and the Buddha - so nice that a pattern of yours done by someone got some prizes the quilts I see of your designs are always beautiful.

  3. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  4. Hope you are feeling better soon.


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