Thursday, 2 July 2015

Winter sunshine

Winter is still definitely about but today was full of sunshine and that has to be good for the health! Larry did just tell me that he heard we have had the driest June since 2006 (which is not good), but I have to confess it does not feel like that where we live. My cough is slowly abating but the lethargy has hit us both……but a bit of sun and a quick celebratory lunch with Sophie was the order of the day. Sophie had a recent promotion at Flinders University where she works and is now a Senior Administrative Coordinator, Academic Programs - Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences….what a mouthful but we are sure super proud of her! Today she turned 31 and we joined her for a quick lunch and birthday hug. The university is in the throws of major development so the dining areas are all demolished. Instead they have set up a temporary area that just felt like a lane in Melbourne…..and Sophie informed us it is in fact called Flinders Laneway! There are caravans and shipping containers and overhead heaters and very funky lighting……….(photos are from my phone so not so good)

 The views from the university are amazing and her office below has a little view - well so we are told…….
There are some fabulous time lapse videos that you can view here of the renovations and I enjoyed this one immensely……
So a huge Happy Birthday Sophie xx…..with a record of this little message that Emily sent to her sister….
While I was downloading today's photos from my phone I found these photos from our recent visit to Melbourne the day we visited our favourite patisserie……..

 And a record of the fabulous Block Arcade scarf……..yes we did go back where Larry gave me an early birthday present……..
 And another amazing place in the Arcade that we didn't visit!…….
 And I also found these two photos taken last weekend at home. The little ones came back to our place from the wedding and Beau did some cooking and Maisie some consuming….all good fun…...
 Till next time take care x

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  1. Oh Michele, you and Larry must be justifiably proud of Sophie. How well she is doing. I do hope you are on the mend now. Mal is hone from playing trains in America in a few hours! I have had lots of atitching time while he has been away.


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