Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Time out in Melbourne

We decided some months ago that we would have a few nights in Melbourne during the month of June - partly to see a couple of special exhibitions but also to celebrate Larry's birthday. It was bittersweet as we left as we found out that little Beau ended up in hospital overnight with that awful cough. He is home now and hopefully they will all get a good night's sleep tonight……….
I am also still coughing but that didn't stop us from ambling around the city for four hours! We love Melbourne for lots of reasons…….the vibe of the cafes, the amazing architecture and alleys, the creative graffiti and of course the shopping…….

 One of my favourite shops il Papiro is described as a Florentine paper merchant……….……..

 Of course a visit to the historic Block Arcade is a must and they now have scarves for sale of the floor design…...

It is 10 years since I did my own version of this inspiring mosaic floor - the "My Walk in Melbourne" quilt but on a dark background ……

 We were just in time for Evensong at St Paul's Cathedral……such a wonderful time of contemplation in such a beautiful building…...

 Sadly this scene is common and with nights dropping below 5 degrees I cannot imagine how the homeless stay warm……...
 Recently I did a brief photography course - mind you this is the second time I have attempted that, so tonight I tried some more fiddling with apertures and shutter speeds (I am trying Kay!)….but to be honest I think some of the shortcut options on my camera do just as good a job! Melbourne is stunning at night and it was a great opportunity to capture some of it as rain is predicted over the next few days…….(remember you can see a larger image if you click on the photos)

I love the silhouettes of the couples dining outdoors………..
More in a day or so……….


  1. Too bad I didn't know about everything one could do there! We did go to some of the stores though and St. Paul's. I got some really great ideas for quilt designs there. Hope all are feeling better. Pics are great. L

  2. visiting cities can be fun but I tire of them quickly and rarely tired of the countryside or mountains - hope your little grandson is feeling better now

  3. Poor Beau, he looks miserable, hope he is better soon. Your photos are making me look forward to my two days in Melbourne late July, I guess it is cold there.

  4. Maybe a book of photographs will be next Michele??

  5. Your Walk in Melbourne quilt is breathtaking. I love all your photos and thanks for sharing. It is a wonderful way for me to learn more about your country. Take care


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