Friday, 22 February 2013

On the road again

Yes it looks like I am back on the road once again! This is the last leg of an intensive teaching schedule of the last couple of years. I have only 11 engagements to go and come July I will only be doing 2-3 retreats a year (and 2014 is already booked). I feel that I am not giving anymore and that is probably partly because I am not challenging myself - and I feel that is not a good thing for any of us. I do look forward to meeting some of you though and I thank you for your wonderful support - I hope our time together is of great value to you. Today after a two and a half hour flight to Brisbane and then a two hour bus journey I have arrived in beautiful Toowoomba as the guest of Lisa of Precious Time. I love Lisa's photos as you reach her website.........thanks for asking me Lisa......

On Monday I head back to Brisbane for four more days of workshops with Queensland Quilters. As I was travelling up here today I was reflecting on the change in our lives since Larry finally retired and little Beau joined us. With the reduction in my teaching I have decided it is time that I got back to why I took up quilting....for fun and relaxation and to participate in classes myself!! I have missed this immensely SO I have booked into three workshops already this year.....very exciting for me!! First I am making this little treasure at Country Bumpkin. I know I could probably do these on my own at home but that is no fun!! (photo from Country Bumpkin)
The next workshop came about following some help I received from Judy of Virtual Quilter. In just a few minutes she was able to draw up a quilt design for me - I provided the measurements and presto it was done and all by email!  I told her she needed to teach dummies like me...... so it is all happening and her first workshop will be all about mastering the EQ7 program. If you are interested in joining me it will be held as a weekend retreat at The Sanctuary - so contact Jude via her blog here. And do visit the other Judy at her Virtual quilt site....she has 1000's of designs all done in this program (i think!). I don't think she sleeps though!

In July I have booked in to a class with the lovely Yvette Stanton who is know for her left and right handed embroidery bibles. We will be exploring stitches for raw edged appliqué - and not just blanket stitch!! Yvette has based her design on the Suzani embroideries of countries like Uzbekistan. I found some beautiful work for sale on this link - Silk Road.......(photo from that site)
 I must remember on our William Morris tour this year to share Yvette's work with our guide from the Victoria and Albert Museum - she is an expert on textiles of the Silk Route! This is Yvette's design for our workshop which you can see here - Berrima Patchwork's 'Quilting in the Highlands'..........
So I hope you are looking forward to a class or two this year or just doing a little stitching for pleasure. Take care wherever you are xx


  1. It will be a well deserved break for you. Please keep sharing your gorgeous works of art to inspire the rest of us.

  2. Welcome to Qld, Michele
    Do hope to catch up this visit. I'm sure the workshops will be wonderful.
    Enjoy your break, and do what you do so well, design...for us lucky ones to use in beautiful quilts Hugs Judy Carrow

  3. Last time we met in a workshop you were the boss ... now I am looking forward to making you do the work in the EQ7 class! Thank you for the link!


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