Tuesday, 5 February 2013

May Morris tour update

From time to time I wonder why on earth I started blogging. Some years back a student suggested to me it would be an easier thing to do than my website and that it would also cost me nothing - just my time. So the blog was the answer. That was four and half years ago and here we still are and thanks to that student who prompted me! For me keeping a blog is a rather selfish thing - I can indulge in what I like as I journal my life - which I can also turn into a book from time to time. These become permanent records for the family, especially of our trips.

But the unexpected bonus is the emails and comments I receive from you the reader. Emails come from all over the world (even Russia!), thanking me for sharing in my journey - especially the recent William Morris tours. I am humbled by that and cannot thank you enough for your kind words and support. I don't always answer but please know how very grateful I am.

Writing books was not an easy process for me but if it had not been for doing them (or for having my blog), I would never have met Helen at Whitecroft Tours. Being a part of these tours has certainly been the highlight of my William Morris journey.

Which brings me to tell you that the May Morris tour is almost sold out for next year! Helen hasn't put it on her website yet and I haven't added a special page on the blog....it seems all you loyal followers have found it all here - so thanks again!

So life in the Hill household is much the same. Beau will be one year old in just over a week so that will be fun. My head has been down designing these past few weeks with what I hope will be a new range of fabrics. (Another added bonus in my journey!) And how did I manage to start designing fabrics??!! Well it was Tim from Lloyd Curzon who had faith in me and this will be a fourth collection - but only if Jason from In the Beginning Fabrics approves. My inspiration this time comes from the bed drapes on William Morris's bed at Kelmscott Manor and also the Trellis pattern designed by Morris......

The process can be incredibly time consuming and this past week I spent two days doing just one small design and in the end I threw it all away! This is a brief look at the process from a previous range. The original inspiration for this fabric came from a design  by Charles Voysey - another designer who I admire. You will see his image first and then my creation with a bit of Jason's magic........

The Internet has certainly changed our lives and the way we communicate even more so. I am not a great fan of facebook and only really signed up as an easy way to communicate with family while travelling. I find it very time consuming and do not post or comment very often. But recently I have enjoyed watching the incredible restoration being done at Red House. They do have a facebook page HERE and the photos are from that site. First of all the amazing snow they experienced recently....my photos are pre-snow from the trip last year.....

It will be so exciting to see the restoration when we return on the next William Morris tour later this year. So much has been revealed behind years of paint and also sections of the house restored......

Finally I want to leave you with some amazing 'show and tell'. Judith is the President of the Australian Rugmaker's Guild and some time ago she asked my permission to use my Morris patterns to make a rug. Below is my 'Morris Magic' quilt and below that her incredible rug that she drew inspiration from. If I had more time I think I would like to make one for myself! Might have to give Larry a diversion from his tapestries!

Thanks so much Judith for allowing me to share your photo.....so inspiring and I think Mr Morris would be pleased with your skill!
So to all you readers...thanks once again for visiting and take care where ever you are xx


  1. such a pretty quilt and pretty rug - such talent!

  2. I just love your Morris Magic quilt pattern and I'm hoping I'll manage to make it someday soon.

  3. I might have to larn rug making ... make the size and shape I need. And now I know where to get designs for floor rugs!


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