Monday 11 February 2013

Designer's block

The fabric designing has still been alluding me but I will soldier on!! Meanwhile here is a little look at some other projects I have been completing this past week. I dug this unfinished quilt top out of the cupboard a few weeks ago and had it quilted by Jude from Cornerstone Creations. I think I made this well over 10 years ago using antique black fabrics (with a dash of red) - those were the days when I did a lot more piecing!! It is so good to have it finished......thanks Jude xx
I've also been collecting black prints for a special quilt and had to include some William Morris prints from Barbara Brackman's Morris Apprentice range. I think this might be a "modern quilt" - whatever that is?? It is just one giant log cabin block and I am thoroughly enjoying hand stitching the pearls on it - I should be doing those drawings ......but 'whatever' ............(and thanks again Jude for helping me finish another project!)

And this is the link and picture of the quilt that inspired me to do this one.....
click here:  All People Quilt

Larry has just a few more days work and he will try retirement once again! It is so special to spend this time of our lives together but we make weekends special too - one with a recent visit to the local farmer's market - Willunga Farmer's Market. It is only 10 minutes from home and the meat and veggies are so much fresher than the supermarkets can provide - and it all tastes so much better too!

 Loved the decoration hanging in the cafe (and great to catch up for a coffee at last Janie! xx)

 Our weather has been surprisingly mild for Summer but the heat is on its way once again. The roses have loved this recent spell as well....

and a little treat for me (thanks to In the Beginning fabrics - thanks Jason!)..........
The little man will be one year old in just 6 sleeps but we decided to give him an early birthday present yesterday. This will stay home here for when he visits was a huge hit......

So life is good in the Hill household..hope it is good in your part of the world too
(and get well soon Jan XX)

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  1. Thanks Michele, love the pearls, and its amazing your little man almost being 1, only seems like yesterday that he was born.


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