Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Christmas Blessings

We hope you are all having........or like us - have just had a very Merry Christmas. We all celebrate in our own personal way while thinking of those who may not be so lucky. We are fortunate to have our family close by so it was a wonderful day of sharing time together.........and of course the little star made it very special........

Below was the bargain gift of the day.....so much fun for just $12!!

Christmas is warm in Australia but today was quite mild (after a very hot day yesterday)............but we still sat outside for lunch. Last night I made these "healthy" trees......

And these were the bases......aren't they just gorgeous?

Thankyou Emily and Brett for the use of your home.....

Enjoy this holiday season and stay safe ......... take care till next time xx


  1. Merry Christmas, Michele. The pictures are lovely. I especially like the ones of Larry and the baby - so sweet.

  2. Merry Christmas Michele.

    Love the photos of Beau!


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