Friday, 14 December 2012

The best Father Christmas!

I get quite teary at this time of is a sad time for both Larry and I as we both lost our Mum's within a few days of Dec 25th....but I also find I get quite emotional whenever I see Father Christmas!! If I walk past Santa anywhere I well up with tears - especially if there are little one's perched on his knee! Well it happened again today! The photographer getting Santa's knee all ready!!...........

Now this is by far the sweetest Santa I have ever met....he was so gentle and so good with Beau and the photographer was also patient and incredibly kind. He noticed me having a little emotional sniffle and asked Emily to take a photo with my camera as well........

So it was a wonderful afternoon to introduce Beau to that big hearted man from the North Pole. A few more scenes from our mall........

.....and then time to take one incredibly tired little boy home. Enjoy your preparations for Christmas xx



  1. I well up too Michele so I know how you feel....aahh little Beau took to Santa pretty well he looks so cute.
    Lovely one with you too..

  2. What great photos. You are going to have a fun christmas day with your dear little man.

  3. Looks like fun. I just became a follower as I found your blog once before but didn't have much time so this time I'm just getting my name on the list. Love WM style and designs. I too have a blog you are welcome to meander on over if you like.


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