Thursday, 20 December 2012

A "Christmassy" birthday

Now I am sure there is no such word as "Christmassy"....but having a birthday in the week leading up to the big day is always a challenge. You go out for a quiet birthday dinner and everywhere are decorations and celebrations for all things Christmas....but it is time I stopped moaning about that as every birthday is a blessing and every year a bonus....and the date could be worse!! My heart goes out to those born on Dec 25th and also for my brother who was born on Dec 27th. We spent our lives hearing the moans of..."You cost me a fortune this time of year"!!  And do you know here in Australia stamps are a little cheaper this time of year for posting Christmas we even save friends a little money on posting those birthday cards!!

Well you will be pleased to know I didn't complain and I had a lovely day! Lots of lovely cards, phone calls and lunch with two special friends - Faye and Jude. Judy had been busy sewing as you will see on her Blog and look what she stitched for me.....a gorgeous bag and matching journal cover.......thankyou Jude xx

Then after a full day of looking after Beau it was out for a birthday dinner with the family.

From Beau this framed seems so long ago now........

And lots more goodies which I won't bore you with...except for these two sensational books which came all the way from the UK. Our gorgeous Helen from Whitecroft Tours managed to find some 'out of print' copies for me and they are just divine. Thank-you Helen - I am so spoiled and I am lapping it all up!......

And check out this incredible embroidery which I am hoping to see one day in the flesh......

And this little package was hand delivered by the postman today....every year Maree always finds the most gorgeous handmade cards.....

And divine little gifts.......

They arrived safely Maree! Thanks ever so much xx

 So to all of you reading this ......I hope all your Christmas plans are as you want them to be. We have had a busy time this past week looking after the little man.....he likes to "chill out" when I am working at my desk.....

And is zipping about the place and finding out how to get stuck under chairs!

Stay safe wherever you are xx


  1. Being a just before Christmas birthday gal myself I know how you feel! We went to an Indian resturant last year...not so big on Chrissy decs! But as I get a bit older, its nice to just slip under the birthday radar!
    Enjoy your Christmas with grandson, he looks like such a delight!

  2. Christmas Greetings to you Michelle. Have a wonderful christmas with your dear wee man. Thankyou for all the lovely blogs and photos you have posted through the year.
    All the best for 2013

  3. Happy birthday and Merry Christmas! I have a son born on Jan. 28 and I think that's too close to Christmas! I should have planned better! Haha. I'm glad you had a nice day.

  4. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, have a lovely time. You deserve the very best. That's what you give to us, the very best of your talent. I love the calendar I won and it arrived in great shape. I look at your wonderful pictures on your blog over and over. Amazing and Beau the very best one. God Bless you all. Margaret in TX

  5. Hi Michelle -

    I'm a huge fan of both Wm. Morris and quilting, but rarely together--but I love your concepts!

    My birthday is today (1/4) but my son's is the same as yours, and my daughter's is Boxing Day. (I have one other son, and his is early November, thank goodness! ;-) For years I though my daughter's birthday was worse since it was closer to Christmas day itself, and then I finally realized that having your birthday 5 days before the actual holiday is *much* worse than afterwards--we're all so busy! So, you certainly have my sympathy! :-)

    On a completely different note, I have to say that we live in Toronto, Canada, and my mom is currently visiting in Sydney, to spend Christmas with my sister and her husband and son who have moved to Australia! We've been getting back reports about what it's like to spend a hot and sunny Christmas season--a little bit different than what we're experiencing here (as you apparently know well! ;-)

    Happy new year to you and yours!


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