Wednesday, 12 December 2012


I am so good at "putting things off"........but I have finally collated and organised the DVD's for those of you who came on the William Morris Tours this year and asked for a copy of my photos! It has taken me a while as there are over 2,000 photos on each disc (I think!). We did a trial run last evening and it took 3 hours and 20 minutes to see them all!! Makes you remember those slide nights the relatives would make you sit through all those years ago! Anyway girls...the DVD's will be in the post tomorrow just in time for Christmas!

It was so wonderful to revisit the was certainly the best tour we have ever been on (and Larry and I have done several of the big names tours!). I think having a limit to numbers and staying in the one place was widely appealing....but on top of that the dinners were superb with wine included....and each day we were treated to more and more....but I am not giving anymore away! Oh and we mustn't forget all things William Morris along the way! I know all those who came will never ever forget the experience. The feedback we got was overwhelmingly positive - the one negative was that all other tours will be 'second rate'!! This tour under Helen's leadership and organisation was 5 star and beyond and you can join us next year by visiting HERE!

The photos above and below were from Bourton House Gardens and it was a treat for the second tour as we had experienced some rain and Helen wanted to reward us!  It was so popular that we are going back next year for afternoon tea!

The photos reminded me of a quilt that was buried under the pile (as you can see by the folds in the photos!) This was a quilt I did about 15 years ago and it is based on Woodford Hall - the childhood home of William Morris. He lived there from 1840-47 (from the age of 6 - 13yrs). I had quite forgotten I was also trying to capture the knot gardens of Britain when I did this quilt way back then! Don't look too close though......I was quite a beginner at applique back then!

And in my rummaging I also came across these wool felt pieces that I purchased in Budapest in 2003! This was the first time I had seen felt used in appliqué and I just did a Google search and found the co-operative where I purchased these beautiful works of art.......have a visit by clicking HERE. I treasure the miniature jacket complete with hat, the needle-case and the book cover......

Now I can't leave you without a progress photo......Beau has learnt that he will get a reaction with this squinty smile and he also recently learnt how yummy apples are!

But sadly the last two days he has been suffering from a gastro bug. Along with him having a slight fever it has been a very hot day here in Adelaide today, and the temperature is not expected to go below 26C overnight (78F) I will leave you with a "cooling down" image of the little man having his first experience of an ice block (it also helped with some rehydration!!). Dear little man makes us smile everyday......

Take care wherever you are xx

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