Saturday, 30 January 2010


I have just come across this exciting news from Dwight Spence of Quilt Resource Canada;

She goes on to share.............

Top Selling Products for C & T Publishing for 2009
As mentioned in yesterday's posting I ABSOLUTELY LOVE getting these lists. Here is C&T Publishing's top 20 products for 2009
1. CT10686 -Sylvia's Bridal Sampler
2. CT10985 - Carol Doak's Foundation Paper
3. CT10637 - French Braid Obsession
4. CT10702 - William Morris in Applique (wow wee!!)
5. CT10432 - French Braid Quilts
6. CT10695 - Creative Two Block Quilts
7. CT10642 - One Line At A Time
8. CT10619 - Quick Star Quilts & Beyond
9. CT10625 - 101 Fabulous Fat-Quarter Bags
10. CT10618 - Foolproof Machine Quilting
11. CT10708 - Start Quilting with Alex Anderson 3rd edition
12. CT10694 - Intuitive Color & Design
13. CT10652 - A New Light on Storm at Sea Quilts
14. CT20118 - Kaleidoscope Tote (yes Janet has them on order!)
15. CT10428 - One Block Wonders
16. CT10671 - Applique Outside the Lines
17. CT10624 - Fabulous Fabric Art with Lutradur
18. CT20107 - Quilter's Freezer Paper Sheets
19. CT10629 - Sew Simple Quilts # 1 with Alex Anderson
20. CT10662 - Quilter's Academy Volume 1 - Freshman Year


  1. Well it IS a fabulous book! Congratulations!

  2. Yeah! Congratulations, well deserved it's a wonderful book! Sharon.

  3. Fabulous Michele. You deserve it for your wonderful book and all your hard work.

  4. Yeah, Baby!
    Great news, but then it is a great book!
    I only bought two books published last year ..... this was one of them!
    Congratulations, Michele!

    Judy B

  5. We all knew you were Clever ;-)
    Wonderful news and I predict 2010 and even more exciting year!!
    Cheers Lynne

  6. Congratulations - but no wonder, the book is so delicious =)

  7. Congratulations Michele. The girls all chipped in for my birthday and bought me my own copy. I love it.


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