Friday, 29 January 2010

Another wonderful blog

I have come across another wonderful blog;

It was here that I read of a competition that the William Morris Gallery are running:

‘Inspired by William Morris’
Call for entries 2010
A group show of works inspired by the life and work of William Morris will be held at the Gallery between October-December 2010.
The competition is open to all London based artists and craftsmen. Following the example of Morris himself- works in all media are eligible. This includes textiles, ceramics, prints, glass, woodwork, painting, film, photography, drawing…
The judging panel will be looking for artists that respond to Morris’ work in the most creative and personal way.
The winner will be awarded a solo show at the William Morris Gallery.
Deadline 1st July 2010.
For more information and for an entry form please contact the William Morris Gallery.

Pity I don't live in London!!

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  1. Thinks to self - can you change your suburb's name by deed poll?????


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