Thursday, 7 January 2010

Knitting with Betty

I continue to volunteer one morning a week at the local aged care facility. Betty is still knitting and I have to do the 'finishing off'. This is another one of her projects........took me 4 and a half hours to stitch him up but I must say I just love him and it was hard to give him back! Betty's daughter is complaining about the clutter in her Mum's room with the knitted goods of teddy bears, cupcakes and sundry!
I've now got the 'girls' at the hostel knitting 8inch squares for the Save the Children organisation's project, "Survive to Five - Knit one Save one". It is lovely to see the ladies enthused about this exercise and I am hoping it will give them a sense of fulfilment and purpose. Over the years working in aged care I witnessed so many just sitting in chairs staring - now I am 'retired' from nursing I can give something back.

Save the Children are aiming for 80,000 eight inch knitted squares so I will have to get the girls clicking! Join in the challenge............


  1. What a wonderful thing, for all of you. My Grandmother was a RN in an aged facility and she had several woman making things for the community. She thought it was a good way to make them feel needed. Good for all involved. Keep up the good work! Brandie

  2. I think what you're doing is great. Not only are you helping out those in such need within the charities but you're giving "the girls" (love that!) a "reason to be" again.

    Many times our elders are placed in these facilities and are seemingly forgotten by their families. It's so sad.

    What you're doing for them is phenomenal!


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