Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Gift time

I've added some more pictures and information to the Bedford Mystery quilt blog -

Here is Lessa Siegele (OAM) & Faye Packham your
mystery quilt teachers with Lauren supervising!!

And no more news on Christopher Menz (my news from last blog) didn't even score a mention on any of our television news services - Our Art Gallery funding is obviously not "NEWS"!!!
So seeing as I am still quite upset over all this I think it is time I brought some good if you don't have a copy of my book and you would like the first to send me a message and it is your gift from me to you! And during the year I think it is time I gave away some patterns thanks to all of you who drop by - do keep visiting



  1. I would love your book, thanks!

    this is so nice of you

  2. On the Christopher Menz news, a friend sent me a text and when I searched the net your blog was the very few to mention it. I think it was on the front page of the Advertiser? I was quite shocked too. Maybe more will be said when his contract ends in April?

    Can you count this as a message in your book giveaway?



  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog girls - Kathie has a book on its way and Cosy........thanks for commiserating with me over Christopher Menz! Please email me and let me know your address and I will send you a book too (you only missed out by about 5 seconds!!)

  4. Hi Michele

    I guess in life we often don't appreciate what we have till it's gone and I suppose the same goes with bureaucracy!



  5. Always sad to lose a good eprson in this sort of job, but at least the state gallery gets a paid director. Country galleries are pretty much all run by volunteers, and often with little support of any kind, and the hardest people to deal with are often those who are paid by the bureaucracy. The good ones usually lose funding, or walk away. They can only bang their heads against brick walls for so long!
    Judy B
    (And I didn't need to be first ..... I already have my autographed copy of the book!)

  6. It's the same here in Canada, arts are the first on the cutting block. Sad state of affairs.

  7. Hi Michelle
    Kathy is a member of our reprolovers group. She is such a nice person. Great you are back on line :-)

  8. Wow Michelle, I've been wanting to make a William Morris inspired quilt for ages. I just found your blog because you popped into my email (admin for Civil War Bride Quilt). Awsome quilts, I have to finish my CWBQ before I take on any more big applique commitments, but I'll certainly be following along with you now. Great blog.


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