Sunday, 7 February 2010

Life's strange coincidences

Life can be full of mystery and strange coincidences. I even wonder about 'past lives' and why we have such a strong connection to particular subjects. Some years back I was pondering what my husband could get me to celebrate my 50th birthday. I decided I would like a framed print (X-Lotto hasn't permitted me to purchase originals yet!!). Anyway I came across this wonderful print and I knew straight away this was it............
It is titled "Corner of the Villa" and was painted in 1890 by Sir Edward Poynter.
Picture courtesy of this site;

Sir Edward Poynter (1836-1919)

My art ignorance led me to finding out more about this artist and here is one of life's coincidences ...........this talented painter married an Agnes MacDonald who turns out to be the sister of Georgiana who married Edward Burne-Jones - William Morris's lifelong friend and business partner!!

On the left is Edward Burne-Jones & the right William Morris

And one of the MacDonald sisters, Alice fathered Rudyard Kipling;

Next blog I have an even more bizarre coincidence
that you will not believe is true - stay tuned!

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  1. I know all about them Michele, I tend to call them 'incidences' as I dont believe in co-incidences :))
    Things always seem to happen for a reason, but one that is not always illuminated at the time.


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