Tuesday, 1 May 2018

William Morris in Adelaide Tour Two

I am so excited to once again share with you some of the delights of our second William Morris tour here in Adelaide. On Sunday evening I welcomed 22 guests from far and wide and we have so far been blessed with lovely weather (which is about to change later this week!). I have a 'city view' room and have seen the sun come up in the morning and the moon come up at night.....

And the sunsets have been incredible from the 'ocean view' side of the hotel.......

A few tempting snippets of both William Morris and his daughter May's talent along with some other enticements......not too much so I don't spoil it for future tour particpants later this year........

 We even had a visit from Australia's version of Mrs Tiggy-Winkle...........

 I am sure I will have more to share soon x


  1. a mini-vacation doing work you love with a room with a view - not much can beat that!

  2. Every picture is amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Wow - so many photos I stopped to gaze on rapturously. That first large tapestry with the ladies looking on is stunning.

  4. All the best with the tour, and hope the weather stays kind to you all, although some rain would be good. Talk to you next week. xxxx


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