Thursday, 26 April 2018

Too pooped to pop!

'Too pooped to pop' is a phrase I have used for many years and the origins seem to come from several sources. But I do know here in Australia we have our very own unique words and phrases including 'flat out like a lizard drinking' which is exactly how I feel at the moment.......
Busy family times and yet another serious food allergy yesterday may have played a part in my demeanour and frustratingly this is the second serious reaction I have had in the last two weeks!  I have an action plan which of course ends up with adrenaline but I avoid that at all costs because it means having to go to hospital. Instead I take so many anti-histamines that the next day I am as 'flat as a tack'! So there you go.....I've had a moan and feel better already - thankyou! In just three sleeps it is our second "William Morris in Adelaide" tour so I am nearly all prepared for that. Tomorrow I have a William Morris presentation to give in Kadina which is incredibly exciting because the Anglican Church is celebrating their William Morris stained glass windows! I will have to set off early as it is almost 180kms from home and I need to cross the city and there are numerous major roadworks along the way. But what a day it will be celebrating Morris! The past week has been mostly family focused (with a lot of Morris stained glass window research as well!). We had some very welcome rain but the sun is out again and the plants are well and truly confused. The trees should be glowing in Autumn colours but aren't, but there are some new blooms in the garden.........

Miss Maisie and young Beau adore their little cousin so we have had some lovely time with them all......
Maisie decided it was time that little Wade met her babies too!!......

 We all went on the train to the city one day and I took Beau to the museum for a special dinosaur exhibition.....

And yesterday was our day of rememberance - Anzac Day with special memories of my late Dad and his service in Bomber Command.....
The other excitement during the week comes from afar where several friends are enjoying a tour in the USA! It is so nice to see their smiling faces on the group's Facebook site and it looks like they are having the very best time......... 
Our friend Judy is there too and this is the very first time she has travelled can follow the journey through her eyes by clicking here....
Delma and Faye.........
and Faye drooling over her favourite fabrics........

and with Ricky Tims too!......
So I will say farewell till next time hoping that wherever you are life is good x


  1. Lovely to read your blog Michele, you certainly were 'flat out' and little Wade was sound asleep as well.I hope the allergic reactions stop so you don't have to take so much medication. The photos are beautiful and the little ones all seem to love each other very much.
    Take care now and enjoy the time in Kadina.
    Love from Jean 😀😀

  2. I can see your friends were in Paducah - I recognized some of the places - I didn't go this year. Hope you can get some allergy testing done so you will know what you are allergic to - weird how we develop allergies at our ages isn't it - one would think you would have had a reaction before now but that is the way it goes. The kids are all looking so fine and give you so much love I'm sure - have fun at your tours

  3. Love your dianthus and roses! And those photos of Wade are so sweet. Rest easy, Michele.

  4. Glad your tour went well Michele, hope you get some breathing space before the next one, greetings from the other side of the world!! xxxx
    ā¸œ่ā¸˛ā¸™āš€ā¸§็ā¸š B2BET

    1. I just wanted to say thankyou so much for leaving a message on my blog! I would have emailed but can't find an email address so please know how much your kind words are appreciated. hugs, Michele (Hill)

  5. Hi Michele
    I hope your second tour is going well and all participants are enjoying themselves.
    Hopefully not at 36 degrees.
    Enjoy yourselves and the experience.
    Best wishes Pam

  6. I am now caught up on reading your posts, Michele. Maisie and Beau are taller and Maisie's hair is growing out so lovely and just look at that little Wade.
    You are so busy with these tours, hope you are not overdoing it as wonderful as it all is.
    It seems to me Morris is more popular than ever if that is possible! I am going to look for that magazine too. Take care!


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