Saturday, 26 May 2018

Time Together - Part Two

I really had to devote an entire post to our morning coffee stop today. Mahalia Coffee is another local business that has gone from strength to strength and is now serving coffee in over 200 venues across Australia. Many years ago it was just a roasting shed where we would always visit and stock up on fresh roasted coffee beans. But look at it now....not only a place to stock up on our coffee but an amazing setting to consume some too....even with William Morris for company! I will just leave you with the images...........

 I did leave with these luscious pieces........
 This blogging has been from a cafe as my wifi device seems to have died. So next time I think we will be back till then enjoy some time together with those that you can x


  1. Good to see you are having a nice time away and catching up on some 'me/us' time. Anna x

  2. Hope you can find some rest while you enjoy a few days together. THinking of you both.

  3. You do have the most wonderful trips both short and long, near and far. And what wonderful things to discover in the coffee shop including gorgeous Morris mugs.

  4. What a delightful place to sit down and enjoy your coffee. Prayers continue for you all.

  5. We stopped there while we were in Port Fairy overnight. A great shop and so unexpected.


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