Thursday, 10 May 2018

Chilling out

We are quite literally 'chilling out' today as the weather has turned quite cold and wintry and Autumn seems to have passed us by. Larry and I are having a very welcome quiet day at home to recharge the batteries so it is time to reflect on the week that was. The second William Morris in Adelaide tour finished on Saturday morning on a high and I know everyone had a wonderful time. Due to demand Renaissance Tours put on an extra tour in August and I believe there may still be vacancies if it takes your fancy! Sunday was a beautiful day so we decided to have some time with Beau and Maisie in the gardens of beautiful Carrick Hill (that is also included on the Morris tours). There is a storybook trail and the kiddies have asked to return soon but this time with a picnic!........

Peter Rabbit also features.........

 Little Wade is thriving and has a new piece of equipment that he clearly adores ......
We are hoping to have a few nights away in two weeks in our favourite 'time out' place of Robe to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary so preparations are in place as I will relish some time devoted to creating. I have this May Morris design as inspiration with lots of gold fabrics from my stash.....
 This coming Sunday is Mother's Day here in Australia and I have an early gift hanging in our lounge and I am very excited! I first saw this amazing tapestry at the Victoria and Albert Museum in 2012 on one of our William Morris tours with Helen of Whitecroft Tours. You can see the original at this V&A link here along with this information................
Public access description
This is a hand-woven tapestry depicting angels. Although unique in design and manufacture, a number of tapestries showing variations of this composition were woven by Morris & Co. in later years. The figures for this tapestry were originally drawn in 1877-1878 by Edward Burne-Jones for stained-glass lancet windows in the south choir of Salisbury Cathedral, which were made in the Morris & Co. workshops. An entry in Burne-Jones's account book between March and August 1878 lists '4 colossal and sublime figures of angels œ20 each'. The original Burne-Jones cartoon, in chalk on stretched paper, is in the collection of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge. In 1894 Burne-Jones's cartoons were converted to tapestry with the addition of background and border designs by John Henry Dearle.
This design proved popular for use in churches. J.H. Dearle was William Morris's first tapestry apprentice. He eventually became Morris's assistant and, on Morris's death, was appointed Artistic Director of Morris & Co. Made by Morris & Co's most experienced tapestry weavers, John Martin, William Haines and William Elliman, this tapestry was woven at six warp threads per centimetre. Although coarse in comparison with medieval examples, this suited the designs used and the skills of the Morris & Co. weavers.
Descriptive line
Tapestry. `Angeli Ministrantes', woven wool, silk and mohair on a cotton warp. Designed by Henry Dearle with figures by Edward Burne-Jones and woven at Merton Abbey, Morris and Co., England, 1894.
Physical description
Tapestry depcting two angels
Museum number
Object history note
Designed by John Henry Dearle (born in 1860, died in 1932) with figures by Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones (born in Birmingham, 1833, died in London, 1898); made by Morris & Co., Merton Abbey Tapestry Works, near Wimbledon, London.
The tapestry was bought by Edwin Waterhouse of Feldemore in Surrey and at one time formed part of the Handley-Read Collection.
Purchased. Registered File number 1989/1347. 

 This is the photo I took back in 2012 as well as the amazing Morris Bullerswood carpet...........
 and here is my very own splendid version hanging at home - slightly different in colour and style but none-the less reminiscent of the original. Burne Jones and Dearle were such great designers along with Morris ...............

We have a wonderful store in historic Hahndorf where I purchased the tapestry - Artorium Collective Concepts full of all sorts of treasures! Luis knows all about William Morris and he did me the most incredible deal and I am chuffed to bits.....thankyou so much Luis. He also has four panels of the Holy Grail that I drooled over as well.......I found an image on a public site here of the 'Verdure' section..........
Do contact Luis if if you live locally or pop in and ask to see any tapestries that he may have lurking out the back.....he is such a lovely man and I know he will look after you! Our lounge is already embellished with several tapestry cushions including a new 'Arthur' one for Larry that I purchased from Luis as well............

 So for now I will say farewell and hope that life is treating you well x


  1. you always post such beautiful photos of the places you go. I'm so glad to see you enjoying your time with the grandchildren they grow up before you know it. How old is little Wade now - he is growing quickly now and playing catch up isn't he. That contraption you show him bouncing in is pretty neat isn't it. We have photos of my younger brothers and sisters using one back in the late 50's-60's and then we found one for our girls in the early to mid 70's - the earlier versions were called Johnny Jump Up's - I wonder what they are called now. I hope you will have a happy anniversary - I've got a couple more years on you and will have our 46th this June

  2. Thankyou Michele for visiting our shop, Artorium Collective Concepts, once again and very happy you delighted in our collection of tapestries. We are grateful for your wonderful words and are more than happy to extend the customer service to your tour groups when you next visit us. Cheers Luis

  3. Fantastic photos and information from your last tour. The tapestries are just unbelievable, colours so rich and deep. I can't believe how little Wade has grown, becoming a real little man now and looks so healthy, along with his cousins who seemed to be having a fun time at Carrick Hill. Congratulations on 40 years together and good you are both taking a well earned break to enjoy time together.
    Love and kind thoughts, Jean xx😀😀

  4. Congratulations! 40 years is remarkable these days. Thanks for sharing so much of your life and world with us. You have enlightened me to a wonderful world where you live and tour and stitch and of course Wm Morris and all the beauty he left us with.
    Hugs, Margaret


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