Thursday, 3 May 2018

"William Morris in Adelaide" Tour 2, Part 2

Our days have continued with splendour and joy as we share our mutual admiration for all things William Morris. We've had wonderful weather until today when it bucketed down for several hours. Despite the rain our days have been filled with lots of wonderful memories. Each tour is slightly different to keep it fresh and alive so here are just a few photos............

Thanks for dropping by.....time for an early night for me x


  1. such beautiful places to see - love seeing the old sewing machine towards the end of post - looks like a treadle - would love one of those!

  2. Many moons ago, when we had appointments at the Womens & Childrens .... I parked outside of some of these houses! How odd that I remember them...when I generally forget where I park my car in a multi storey car park!

  3. Thanks for the update Michele, sorry you got rain, but it is very welcome here. Talk soon. xx

  4. Lovely photos Michele, William Morris is alive still in so many places for us to enjoy.You have earned a rest now so enjoy.
    Love, Jean 😍😍

  5. What a wonderful tour - I'm loving the photos.

  6. I look at your posts every day to make sure I don't miss one. Lovely photos and guess what???
    I just pre ordered Michele Hill Peter Rabbit Playing Cards. Can't wait till June when they will come. Darling Peter Rabbit and friends and quilts on them. Thanks Michele
    Happy Mother's Day to Me!


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