Friday, 9 March 2018

Time Waits for No One

Now I thought that "Time Waits for No One" was a quote from some deep thinking philosopher but when I asked Mr Google he told me it is a song from the Rolling Stones way back in 1974 - the year I started nursing! Well time certainly doesn't wait for anyone and this week whizzed by as they all seem to do! Much of it was spent packing the Quilt Norfolk kits and in just 7 sleeps we will be high in the sky on our way. Larry also helped the cause donned in his beloved socks and thongs (flip flops for those of you who live in the northern hemisphere!!).......

 I had a quick train trip to the city on Sunday for some last minute kit supplies and came across a protest outside Parliament House. We have a state election while we are on Norfolk Island so we need to vote before we go..........

 We also spent time with the extended family and our little fairy delighted us as always......

 as did this wee chap......Sadly Beau seems to be missing in the photos as he was at school. Sophie sent me these gorgeous images........
 We've had more meetings with venues for the William Morris Tours with the first one only 4 weeks away....yikes - it is really happening!!........

 I have also been at the sewing machine trying to complete the quilting on this charity quilt. The feathers are much larger than I would normally do but I have already put in about 15 hours and still have so much more to do and how does one really justify intense quilting on a charity quilt?........

I also received some beautiful flowers during the week from some special friends - there has not be so many from our garden though but hopefully Autumn will bring more blooms. Have a great week till we chat again x


  1. Delightful grandchildren pictures as always. I never tire of looking at them so don't ever stop. Lovely flowers and a helpful husband. Life is good, right? Love the charity quilt. Excited to start seeing the Tour pictures you send.

  2. Enjoy your trip to Norfolk Island, a change of scenery is always good and I am sure you all will have a great time. Beautiful photos of the little ones again, Wade is developing so fast just love his smile.
    the quilt is beautiful, especially the pastels and of course the quilting.
    Have a lovely time and we will look forward to some photos along the way.
    Love and kind thoughts, Jean 😍😍

  3. I bet Norfolk Island is just going to be so wonderful - I know from your previous visits you seem to love it there. The grandchildren are just so cute - Little Maisie is growing in to a beautiful young lady! so cute and the baby all smiles. It seems like years and years ago flip flops were referred to as thongs but somewhere along the way the name was changed as it is with so many things I guess.

  4. Enjoy your Norfolk Island trip and take some time out for you. xx Lovely to spend time with you the other day.


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