Tuesday 13 June 2017

Quilting in Toowoomba

After our long drive yesterday we finally reached the garden city of Toowoomba. There wasn't much to photograph along the way but as we got closer I marvelled at the changing skies. The clouds grew darker as we approached Toowoomba and it is now much cooler with some rain........

 There were a few delays with roadworks but it is always reassuring to see these upgrades.........
Today my job was to share in my recent Beatrix Potter adventure so Larry took a few photos for us...........

 Larry heard that the car park was full so off he set to see.........

 The committee were thrilled with the attendance of about 230+ I believe with 153 visitors......thankyou to everyone who came and especially for buying so many books!........

 Val brought her beautiful "Kelmscott" quilt from my first Morris book and Val plans to hand quilt it. The quilt has been entirely appliqu├ęd by hand and every block is adorned with embroidered insects.........it is just beautiful.....

 And Trish brought in her "Morris & Friends" quilt also from the first book and it glowed. I love the richness of the background and it reminded me of a Morris carpet...just stunning. Thankyou girls for bringing your quilts along and I am so sorry to others who I missed and didn't get a photo........

 We had a slight delay in starting this morning as the local TV crew had come to visit us! Goodness me I don't think I have been on TV before!! So tonight Larry and I sat in front of the news and took some quick photos of it all..........
 "International Quilter"?? My face kind of says it all!!

Tomorrow I am spending the day with members where I have a mystery project in store for them all! The class proved so popular that I think there are 29 plus a few helpers participating! It will be fun so more of that soon x


  1. what a good turn out - and now you are a tv star as well :) sounds like this drive was much calmer than the last with not too many dead kangaroo along the way - glad so many of the books are selling!

  2. Your star keeps rising! Thanks, Larry, for the photos. Seeing your quilts in the background got me to go again to your gallery on the blog of your wonderful work. Blessings,

  3. Wow Michel!!!! World famous in Toowoomba! I wouldn't have thought there were that many quilters there - you clearly drew a crowd from a wide area. My brother in law and family live there (after they escaped Christchurch, NZ), but I've never been there myself. You certainly have driven a very long way from Adelaide. I hope the class goes well too.

  4. Glad to see you "sold out" the stadium on your final tour! Such a lovely town, enjoy.

  5. Well, I would have called you "international", your books are everywhere, you have been overseas on tours, your fabrics are everywhere, and william morris is known worldwide! Isn't that international enough?? And now famous on the tele? Well done Michele, safe travels home xx

  6. You are such a worthy super star!!!!

  7. Thank you Michele and Larry it was lovely to host you both for your stay in Toowoomba.


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