Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Brave Toowoomba Quilters

This is just a short post as I know tomorrow will be full of photos as we become tourists in the town of Toowoomba. So a brief report of today where 29 very brave Toowoomba Quilting members (and a few extras to help), put their trust in me! I say brave as these lovely girls had no idea what they were going to be stitching before they arrived! I took a supply of my own stash that helped a lot and finally the mystery was revealed -  a fabric box - my most recent obsession! ........

I decided to do a small project as we only had one day together and I also wanted to capture a little bit of William Morris as well. After a little research I discovered that Toowoomba's Floral Emblem is the violet so with that in mind my design became an adaptation of Morris' 'Columbine and Violet' pattern from 1883.......

I am not sure I have ever had such a large class and at times it was a challenge spreading myself the girls had disappeared for a morning tea break.......
 but lunch time was a great rest and a sight to behold............

 As always the menu was delicious including five different soups.....
 The group also surprised Larry with an early birthday cake (the big day is tomorrow). That was so very thoughtful and special........and delicious too - a caramel cake from Val - thank you..........

Thankyou from both of us to everyone who came yesterday and also today in class. A special thanks to Pat who invited me (I had met Pat at Bacchus Marsh Quilters many years ago when she lived there), and to Janice and Genell and everyone else who have put so much effort and planning into our two days together. Larry and I have had the most wonderful time and it has been a lovely way to spend one of my last teaching engagements......wonderful memories and next time we visit it will be as tourists only and maybe even when the The Carnival of Flowers is on......I think we might fly next time though! More tomorrow x 


  1. love your fabric box so pretty - you sent me the pattern sometime ago and I'm afraid it got shuffled away - I think when we start to travel again I need it to be one of the small projects to take with me to work on! I wouldn't be distracted with all the other projects going on at home. happy birthday to Larry!

  2. Happy Birthday Larry, the cake looked yummy, enjoy your day xxx

  3. Happy Birthday Larry. I hope you both have a lovely time exploring Toowoomba.

  4. Happy Birthday Larry. I hope you both have a lovely time exploring Toowoomba.

  5. Thank you too Michele it was lovely to listen to your trunk show and have the pleasure of participating in the workshop and admiring your quilts.


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