Wednesday, 28 June 2017

"Dear Mr Postman"

Long, long ago one could send a letter or parcel in the post and it would arrive on a pushbike and a dear postman would blow his whistle to tell you that it had! That was long, long ago and now we have huge computerised systems that scan and track and heaven forbid we might even get delivery from the air via a drone....but why is it with all these new fangled systems that nothing actually works Mr Postman??!! 
On the weekend Larry drove to find a bright yellow express post box.....we only have two in the southern suburbs (for overseas friends our "Express Post" service is one that we pay a little more for with guaranteed next day delivery). My little package was Maisie's quilt top being sent to Jude for quilting and late yesterday I got the dreaded call to say it had not arrived! My heart sunk so I was on the phone immediately to 'Mr Postman' to ask why. There was no evidence of it being in the system so I immediately started sobbing and the girl on the end off the phone must have wondered what this mad woman was going on about....well it was about all of this that still hasn't turned up in the mail......

 just the centre of this one that I had been embroidering and beading over many years......

After I hung up I felt so stupid and then sobbed some more while Larry phoned Jude to tell her of our call to Aust Post. Larry wisely said later that this clearly still affects me with the unexplained loss of so much of my work. Early this morning without me knowing Larry got on the phone and somehow managed to get a secret phone number (And he was questioned about how he got it but I would say with his gentle persuasion and past experience as a special investigator he knew how!). Well the outcome is a lot more positive and the quilt top is now in the hands that it should be! But why oh why was it never scanned and why do these systems let us down? Stresses in our lives seem ever more prevalent and I blame a lot of it on technology and things out of our control, then I think how could that be with all that my late Dad went through in Bomber Command? I know personally I have had stresses that I have had no control over and I have tried to make a positive change by trying to slow down and remove some of these stresses. One of the latest we are told is to remove clutter from our lives! Wardrobe decluttering and house declutter seems to be the "in thing" but how on earth can one remove the things that one loves to be surrounded every corner of every room I am surrounded by that part of my problem??!!....

 anywhere I can find a corner to clutter I will........
 in the family room.........

 Even the grand-kiddies room is chock a block!!.......

 in the bedroom........
 But I think it will stay that way while I ponder my latest dilemma.....yes another quilt is in the post! So "Dear Mr Postman"..please, please deliver this special Beatrix Potter quilt that was lovingly stitched over many months for our very special friend Helen in grateful thanks for our many years of touring together. I have paid extra "Dear Mr Postman" and you assured me it would only take 4-6 tracking tells me it is currently in Melbourne and has been dispatched so please, please don't let me down.....thankyou!


  1. Firstly Michele, your rooms are decorated and not cluttered! Didn't your dear Mr Morris state "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful" Your home is beautiful because of all your mementos which enrich your lives and decorate your home and it would be a sterile place without surrounding yourself with the things that you love. I hope and pray that your quilt arrives in the UK without delay and that you Maisie's quilt returns safely in time for her special birthday. Much love, Jan xx

  2. Oh lovely Michelle, your lovely house is not cluttered! It's just lovely. And who decides what is 'clutter' anyway? I don't see clutter, I see a life's work there. Larry is very clever - perhaps there is more to your distress than a parcel going awry (albeit a very special one). I'd listen to him, he is a keeper!

  3. Oh Michele, my heart flipped when there was no parcel at the PO, knowing your history with Aust Post, although I have not had a problem in 15 years of sending quilts to and fro. And as to your house, I don't see clutter at all, so don't shift a thing. Our homes should reflect who we are and our interests and talents, as yours does, and Mr Morris must have known a thing or two! Houses with nothing of the person on view, are not homes, just buildings. xxx

  4. so very glad that Jude got the quilt top - I know you would have been so upset if it hadn't -- I just can't believe the trouble you have had with your mail system over the years and so glad that I haven't had that. Some of us save more than others - my living room with it's built in shelves have so much on them - some I could toss and not even miss it for one second, some things I really don't care for anymore but there they sit on the shelf collecting dust because as I go to toss it to go to the second hand store I can remember exactly where we were when we bought it or who gave it to me and I feel like I can toss it away. I do so hope that your quilt arrives in England to Helen

  5. My heart sank for you. So pleased that Larry was able to find Maisies quilt. I dont think your house is cluttered. Your house is filled with beautiful possessions that bring your joy and have special meaning. Which is what William Morris asked us all to do!
    You are entitled to grieve for what has been lost, as you stitch your love into your work. Not to mention that it is how you earn your living.

  6. My heart bleeds for you - so much you have lost!! God bless Larry!


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