Monday, 9 May 2016

Wet, wild and windy

The seasons are definitely changing here at home and before we know it the heaters will be on. Today it is blowing a gale and the wind direction keeps changing so that all the doorways and windows are getting a drenching! I cannot believe it is only a week since our Norfolk Island adventure as it feels so much longer. Some final photos from the plane as we left and I was thrilled to get the entire island in one shot………

 We had one night in Brisbane before our flight home so it was nice to see the same city and river sights but at night……….

 The cruise on the Brisbane river did not disappoint……..

 and then we had an unexpected bonus of a fireworks display……..

 On Sunday we had an evening flight home but unfortunately it poured with rain all day and we couldn't do much walking. None the less we filled our afternoon and sheltered in a cinema where we enjoyed a movie (Eddie the Eagle) and did see some different sights on our way back to the hotel…….

 So this past week has been another busy week. Larry is back working for a few days - his fifth call back since he retired! He has just two days to get a review and report completed as we hit the road again on Wednesday morning - this time we will be travelling across half the width of our huge country - probably all up we will be driving about 3,500kms but Larry thinks closer to 4,000kms (almost 2,500 miles). I am teaching in New South Wales at Maitland and Corowa, and then Terang in Victoria with a visit to Newcastle on the agenda as well. We will be visiting parts of the country we have never seen before so that will be nice. Yesterday was Mother's Day and I was glad that I could rescue some of our roses before the vicious storm hit today. We also had a weekend of the little people sleeping overnight till lunchtime yesterday so Larry and I hit the sack early - one forgets how hard it is sleeping with one ear open all night! Beau is growing up so fast as is Maisie and we were so impressed with this little girl caring for one of the 'babies' that lives at our place. She even took it upon herself to set the table for dinner with baby as well….not bad for a 22 month old……...

Her memory skills on the jigsaw were remarkable while Beau preferred the computer…..
But I did drag Beau away from the screen where he seemed to have a natural talent for stitching! With great skill he stitched some wool felt hearts to fabric which we turned into a hold-all for his Mum…….
Lunch was lovely at Emily and Brett's and it was nice to see Tim and Sophie as well, having missed helping them move into their new home while we were away. The joy on Beau and Maisie's faces as they handed over the gifts they had made was wonderful while Larry and I thought of our own Mums who are now gone……….

Unfortunately we had a very unwelcome visitor at home on the weekend as well. At first I thought it was plastic as I have never seen a real one that big…..and that glass it is under is not a small one! My fears are now with wondering where the rest of the spider family are hiding as it came out from under the couch where we all sit in the family room!! Larry won't kill anything so carefully relocated it to the vacant block across the road….of course I am convinced it will return looking for the rest of its family!! Maisie was intrigued by it all but Beau like me was terrified……...
So while it poured with rain today I decided another good clean of the floors was in order… spiders to be found though……….
So with the cold and wet comes the wet clothes draped in the carport along with the many bags of class notes ready for our big drive. Of course I will share all of that and on our return resume those promised quilt pattern giveaways. Till then take good care x
PS;  this is what I just found to explain our stormy weather…….right in our pathway…...


  1. I love seeing the photo of the island from the air - it looks so tiny doesn't it. So many good photos! I hate spiders and I have sticky traps all over the house mainly under the furniture and in the corners of the rooms where no one person/pet can get to them - they are harmless to all except the creature that sticks to it. (I hate spiders) It sounds like you have another wonderful trip coming up and I'm sure you will share it with us which I always love. It is so nice to hear and see photos of places I know I most likely will never see

  2. Like Karen I love seeing the photos you take of where you travel and your artistry and of course your family. I am getting a big map of Australia so I can appreciate how far you travel. I look forward to every blog. About spiders, don't go there, Texas has Brown Recluse spiders.

  3. That looks like a cyclone getting ready to form. Prayers being said all will be safe. Lovely night shots and precious kids shots. I hate spiders - need I say more.

  4. Love your photos. The roses are beautiful. In one shot Phillip Island looks bigger than norfolk but then it is such a tiny place. Best of luck for your travels and your teaching. Looking forward to reading about them.


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