Wednesday 25 May 2016

Stitching among heroes

On this trip we've stitched in a college, stitched on a farm, seen William Morris in Newcastle and for the last two days we've stitched in the most humble of places….. among heroes of the RSL, at the Terang branch. It was a privilege to be allowed to conduct an appliqué class in the midst of such important memorabilia. Steve the branch president has an impressive naval service record himself and has spent countless voluntary hours setting up an impressive war collection (and even with a younger Queen Elizabeth looking on)……… 

  Since we've been in Terang it has been rather chilly and today was only about 13C with lots of heavy rain. So what better way to keep cosy and warm  surrounded by a lovely collection of Morris inspired quilts made by some local ladies. I am always so chuffed to see that my designs bring so much pleasure to others…...

This version of Kelmscott was made by a lady who was looking forward to meeting me but sadly passed away earlier this year. The blue and white version was hand appliquéd by Darlene……….

So a little more about Terang. The buildings reflect past times of wealth but sadly some are in serious need of restoration especially this wonderful small arcade 'Johnston Court'………..

 There is a large avenue of oak trees down the centre of the High St with more wonderful buildings…...

 Darlene owns The Good Old Days Quilt Shop and this is the first time she has hosted a tutor. I am not sure she realised how much work was involved but then again I have a feeling that she may have spoilt us all way too much with the scones, cakes and sandwiches….and that was just for morning tea!! Then yesterday was homemade pumpkin soup with freshly baked rolls, followed by chicken and salad. Today was homemade chicken soup followed by corned silverside and vegies! But her mammoth efforts were appreciated by us all and I was thrilled that I could do the workshop for her……….

 A visit to her shop was a treat where hanging on the walls were two of my quilt designs…..all hand appliquéd (needle-turn) and also entirely hand quilted……...

 Thankyou Darlene for asking me and for your kindness and generosity to us all. Thanks also to everyone who came………if it wasn't for all of you there would be no workshop! It was also a great surprise to have some of our 2014 Whitecroft William Morris tour guests come to stitch as well! Jude and Liz………..
 and Marilyn and Jenny… very exciting……..
So tomorrow we head home…another 640kms to drive so in total we will have travelled about 4,340kms (2696 miles), and in just two weeks….so it will be time for a good rest when we get home! Thanks for sharing our journey and more soon when we are rested x


  1. what a trip you have had and seen so many new to you places. I so enjoy seeing your quilts done in needle turn applique and hand quilted too when so many are usually all done by machine. The small towns have so many treasures and always so nice to see how the other side of the world lives. Thank you so much for sharing the every day things besides the quilts - I'm sure there are many of us that will never travel out of our own countries so it is so nice to see all there is in the countryside and small towns as most big cities world wide are just that "cities" that are similiar but the countryside and small towns are the unexplored places visitors must seek out to see.

  2. Thanks for another update Michele, and yes, winter has certainly arrived. Good wood fire weather here this week.

  3. What a whirlwind trip. That's a lot of miles and it all seemed the whiz by. Thanks so much for the posts that tell us so much about your wonderful country. And what a treat to see all those quilts!


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