Friday 27 May 2016

Home Sweet Home

There is definitely no place like home and as we drove in to our driveway late yesterday we had just logged 4,370kms (2,715 miles), in just two weeks! It feels like we've been away for many weeks and it is so hard to believe it was only just two. Today Winter has hit with vengeance so it will be nice spending time indoors creating some new work. But first of all an enormous thankyou for the invitations to teach and share in my passion and especially to those who came to the events - if it wasn't for you the events would never happen. When we left yesterday morning it was only 11C and it rained most of the way home………..

 A quick drive-by view of some wonderful dry stone walls reminiscent of the ones in the UK…..

 We stopped for a coffee at Casterton - home of the kelpie…….

 and were thrilled that the cafe was serving our most favourite of coffees - Mahalia Coffee where it is roasted at our favourite 'time out' place of Robe…….
 great props in the cafe…….

 As we approached home about six hours later the skies caught my eye……….

 and then the journey to our lovely Adelaide Hills…….

 There have been some tragic accidents at the end of the Eastern freeway so the semitrailers can only do 60km an hour as we whizz past……it must be frustratingly slow for them on this long descent but safety takes precedence………..

 We always breathe a sigh of relief as we enter the final part of journey on the southern expressway……less than 15 minutes and we're home…….

 The last little bit of expressway always entertains Beau each time we travel on it. The overhead walkways represent the area that we live in known as the 'sea to vines' district. There is the river design……..
 gum leaves…….
 the rows of vineyards……..
 and the waves of the sea nearby……..
 and he knows the concrete ones are for the cars……
So it was home sweet home just before the sun was setting. The silver birch has lost all of its leaves and the roses have finished until next season………...

 On the way home I also picked up my brand new rugby tops from Out and About Clothing where they are all hand stitched in Keith. So for all of you who purchased a book…. this was my reward!! These tops are of beautiful quality and they can be made to measure with personal trim choices as well - and all in just two weeks! I adore spots and lime green so that was a must……
 and the other is navy with an orange stripe and trim……….
 I know they will last me years and I am absolutely delighted with them - thank you Christine! I also received lots of lovely gifts on my travels - thankyou……..

 So there is lots to do over the next couple of months including designing some new quilts. So till next time take good care x


  1. Glad you are home safely, I had a wintry drive to the Barossa today.

  2. thanks for sharing your journey it was nice to tag along with you! I love seeing all of these places that I know I will never have the chance to see. You got some nice gifts there and I love those shirts!

  3. Welcome home, glad you made it safely in the rain .i am a bit sorry your travels have finished....for a while anyway. I quite enjoy seeing this beautiful country through your eyes.

  4. Thank you for sharing all the photos of your busy trip. It must be so rewarding and exciting to see the enjoyment your designs have brought so many, Michelle. They are beautiful and deserving of the praise. And you deserve the treats!

  5. New quilts? Yea!!! Welcome back to your home and those grandkids.

  6. Have a great sleep in your own snuggly bed!

  7. Glad you and Larry made it home safely! And yes, there is nothing like home Michele! Looking forward to our next catchup next July.


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