Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Sight seeing in Newcastle

We've had a wonderful day being tourists before giving a presentation this evening for Jenny and a gathering of quilters at Quilt-essentials. It was so lovely to catch up with Jenny (who owns the quilt shop), and her sisters Anne and Mary who I met two years ago on one of our William Morris tours in the UK. Anyway back to our day of 'touring'. So much of the architecture reflects the rich heritage of the city and there are also many Art Deco buildings. We started our tour down at Honeysuckle, the home of Newcastle Harbour where there is much building activity with apartment blocks and restored buildings………. 

 Then it was a coffee in the city centre where many old offices are now converted apartments……….

 And thanks to all the girls who bought my book and patterns at the Maitland retreat…..I've started spending your generosity in an amazing store - hunter 81 where I purchased a gorgeous silk blouse……….thanks Emily and Kerri! A photo with Emily was in order - she was such a delight and so engaging which resulted in some natter about what I do……….and she even knew who William Morris was!!

Then we ventured up to Fort Scratchley which was sadly closed……...

 Great views instead……..

 An amble to Nobby's beach and to the city baths was just wonderful in the warm and very unseasonal sun……..

 Truly amazing to see surfers dodging the rocks……..

 After lunch we headed for the Newcastle Memorial walk and on the way found these wonderful homes opposite King Edward Park………..

 The Memorial walk has spectacular views of the city and up to Merewether beach……... 

 As you can see Newcastle has a lot to offer and we have loved every bit of it. Tomorrow we are heading to the cathedral to view those William Morris windows so more of that soon x


  1. What a wonderful tour. I was there for work about ten years ago , for three days, and only got to see the inside of the hospital and the nearby leagues club , with a very brief drive along the coast as I was returned to my motel. It would seem I missed a great deal. After this tour I might have to have a return visit

  2. thanks for the tour - love that second from the last photo - I would love to walk down to the beach - but then you have to think of climbing all those stairs back to the top!!

  3. Another great travelogue - I'm learning so much.

  4. Love to travel with you Michele and Larry, thanks for the tours and all the time you spend to post it for others to see xx


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