Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Tasmanian touchdown

I was asked some time ago if I would accept the role as guest judge for the Tasmanian Quilting Guild's annual show - so here I am!  Must say it is a tad chilly at the moment…..just 2 degrees when we got back from dinner last night and minus 3 overnight! Today was expected to get to a maximum of 11C so it is well and truly winter. It took two flights to get here and when I left Adelaide yesterday morning this was the view from my window………

 The first leg of the trip is via Melbourne and another view as we left the mainland heading south……...
It is 40 years since I visited Tasmania as a student nurse on my second semester holiday break. I recall the island being known as "Little England" and Larry and I have had it on our 'bucket list' for a visit. My first glimpses as we followed the Tamar River to Launceston……….

My 'home' for three nights is in this wonderful boutique hotel - Auldington - once a Sister's convent from 1899. It is just charming and reminds me of the small hotels we stay in during our UK visits…... 
The views from the balcony look over the city of Launceston……...

Audlington has had recent refurbishment and it is so nice to have a deep bath and an incredibly comfortable bed (and it is also great value if you are visiting Launceston)……...

 When we left this morning the car was covered in ice…………..
On the way to the judging venue we made a short detour to Cataract Gorge where we were greeted by some grand peacocks……….

 Everything was covered in frost and the landscape looked like it was covered in snow……….

 Amazing to see these native plants covered in ice………...

Tomorrow I have a few hours in the morning where I will photograph some of the heritage houses (hope it is not raining!), and then the afternoon is where we select the special awards and Best of Show…… I will touch base after that. Thanks for dropping by x


  1. I love your pictures. Stay well in that cold.

  2. I feel cold just looking at your photos Michele :) keep warm.

  3. enjoying the photos Michele. I haven't been back to Tassie since we went on a school trip.


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