Friday, 17 July 2015

Having a go!

Having a go you might ask?……….all will be revealed shortly! But to start with a little 'family catch up'. Emily recently returned to part time nursing so we are looking forward to the routine of having the little ones for one day a week. Little Miss Maisie actually turned one today but celebrations are happening this weekend. Wednesday we decided to take them to a shopping centre where events were being held for the school holidays. Beau enjoyed riding on a dinosaur and then making his own minion……poor boy had a fall last week so he is still wearing the scar on his face……

 So back to the theme of this post of 'having a go'! Some weeks back my talented friend Anna Scott asked if I would like to share a booth with her at the Adelaide Sewing, Stitching and Handcraft Show ….so with a few weeks notice we plunged into action and here we are 'having a go'! Now I am not one for selling as many of you know…..I still say nurses are not good at doing business!! But what fun we had setting it up yesterday and some of my quilts were glad to come out for an 'airing'…..
 I decided it was a great opportunity to sell more books and help pay that printing debt back to Larry...and also an opportunity for people to see the projects in the flesh too…..

 I bought some wonderful William Morris mugs and packed them full of fabric and they were very popular today………...
 Anna has some of her stunning crewel and stump work embroidery on display with kits packaged beautifully and even printed linen and cotton panels for an instant imitation embroidered cushion……….
So for those of you in Adelaide….pop by and say hello. There are many displays and shops and the Home and Building Improvement Show is on as well. See you there! (Aren't you proud of me Helen B?!! x)


  1. I love those mugs that you show with the fabric in them - so pretty - good luck on the sale I would so drop by if I was anywhere near you (which I am not but the thought is there). The quilt that I made from your pattern Floral Fantasy will be on my hand quilting frame next - hope to have a go at it this winter when I get the current quilt off of the frame.

  2. If only I could visit! Love the displays!

    The Netherlands

  3. I, for one, would jump at the chance to come and shop at your booth, however it's a bit of stretch from California. You are forging precious memories watching the dgks one day a week. I love my three afternoon with my 2 closest.


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